Published on April 14, 2021 (Updated on July 11, 2022)

Morph Plus Add-on V5 (Ultimate Update)

Morph Plus is an Addon allowed you to morph into any mob that you kill, The Addon now support 33 mob only, More Mobs will be added coming soon Insha'Allah ;)

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  • Fixed a bug that make armors don't fit you when swimming with armor while morphing to mob that can wear armor
  • Fixed a bug that make you take fall damage when morphing to mob that shouldn't take fall damage
  • Fixed a bug that make you take damage when enter to one block while morphing to mob that shouldn't take damage from enter one block
  • Fixed a bug when you die while morphing to slime you will not divide
  • Fixed a bug when morphing to bee you will can't enter bee hive
  • Fixed all bugs with enderman teleport feature
  • Fixed all fly bugs with mobs that has ability to fly
  • Now when Husk drowned underwater it will be converted to Zombie
  • Now when Pig take damage from lightning it will be converted to Zombie Pigman
  • Now Spider will climb wall if you stand near the wall and keep clicking on it
  • Now Fox will don't get damage from Sweet Berries
  • Now when morphing to any mob that can breath underwater you will destroy blocks faster
  • Now you can morphing to mobs baby variants if you kill them!
  • Now Enderman can carry blocks
  • Now you can use special items with long touch (special items is like horse saddle, cow bucket, etc..)
  • Added New Morph Menu
  • Converted Add-on codes to GameTest
  • Added Custom Commands to this Add-on
  • Added new 3 mobs (Wither, Allay, Warden)


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Pinned comment
1. did you use spawn eggs if so those dont work
2. some mobs dont have morphs (yet) so they may not work
3. try entering in the chat /function Unlock_All_Morph_mobs and you should unlock them all

4. make sure you put in your world

holiday creator features
creation of custom biomes
additional modding capabilities
enable gametest framework
enable cheats
and education edition

5. make sure you have both resource and behavior packs on

and if all those dont work there may be something wrong on your end
make sure your device is compatible with this
menu is not popping up
can't open the menu V5
When i downloaded the BP it gave me this error Provided '/modules/1/type' element has an invalid value in pack manifest. and Multiple conflicting modules detected in pack manifest.
Bro i am unable to import behavior pack please help
Can you make it stop crashing my Minecraft because i really love this mod and my friends do to but it’s annoying every 5 to 10 min it keeps crashing
I can't morph for some reason even though I enabled cheats, experiments, education edition but still no work Im on PC windows 11.
This addon keep crashing my MC lol
The Morph menu never opens.
How do I morph??
is this versio support 1.19.20 i cant morph into some morph
Windows 10 does not work.
Mod is cool and all but if u olay long enough your game will turn black or sometimes crash idk if its my device (i have realmec21) or the mod itself just wana send my issue in here ty
I am not downloading this until its fixed >:C
I cant open the menu
This comment has been removed