Published on April 14, 2021 (Updated on December 05, 2021)

Morph Plus Add-on V4

This Add-on allowed you to morph into 30 mobs from Minecraft

Zombie, Husk, Dorwned, Zombie Pigman, Enderman, Skeleton, Stray, Creeper, Blaze, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Spider, Iron Golem, Villager, Wolf, Cat, Bat, Slime, Snow Golem, Ghast, Vex, Bee, Horse, Witch, Axolotl, Shulker, Fox and all mobs in this Add-on have a full abilities

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  • Fixed up to 15 bugs and glitches
    Add Education Edition checker because 50% from this add-on users don't activate Education Edition
  • Now when you unmorph from a mob has fly ablity (like blaze) on creative mode you will be can still fly
  • Now Morph Menu working better on PC
  • Now when you are on creative mode all mobs will be unlocked and when you return to survival mode the mobs that you kill only will be unlocked
  • Now your name will be hide if you Morph into any mob
  • Now add-on size is to smaller
  • Now add-on working well on Minecraft +1.17.30
  • Now if you morph to Zombie and stay underwater up to 30 seconds you will 
    morph to Drowned automatically
  • Add new 5 mobs (Horse, Witch, Axolotl, Shulker, Fox)


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Pinned comment
1. did you use spawn eggs if so those dont work
2. some mobs dont have morphs (yet) so they may not work
3. try entering in the chat /function Unlock_All_Morph_mobs and you should unlock them all

4. make sure you put in your world

holiday creator features
creation of custom biomes
additional modding capabilities
enable gametest framework
enable cheats
and education edition

5. make sure you have both resource and behavior packs on

and if all those dont work there may be something wrong on your end
make sure your device is compatible with this
anyone getting this to work with ps4? it seem to pop up the box auto, but no way to do anything with the menu or pick. Does work great on windows 10
can you make a mediafire link instead?
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when i press left click it does not work
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Kingmaster0fficial 11 May 31, 2022 at 4:09 am
Masha Allah my friend didn't know you were Muslim and I really like the addon is very good and my other friends are very happy
I've been trying this mod, and you did a great job. Yet, there are plenty of problems that I find need to be changed:
1. The hit box isn't right. When I ever try morphing into a 1-block high mob, the game somehow counts both hitboxes for the player. Therefore, I can't fit into 1-block high gap without suffocating to death. Also, flying up in bee form also makes me suffocate.
2. The special infinite items are weird. Why would a skeleton needs to hold its arrow on the off-hand? Just give it in the inventory and make the infinite arrow the only one to work. Adding it to the off-hand disables the ability to use map, shield, and any other mod's off-hand item (like the dynamic torch from a mod I'm using). The teleporter of the enderman is cool, but somehow limited to just 3-4 blocks around. Why not just make a kind of infinite ender pearl that can't be crafted to eyes of ender. You already made the infinite arrow, why not this one too? The way you inserted the creeper is annoying. Why only explode once? I understand that you try to make it correct to the normal Creeper, but if someone has a Creeper morph, they should stay in that form. You can't kill the player like how a Creeper would normally do, they can just turn back into a creeper after exploding, but it would just be too annoying. Make us stay in creeper form.
Also, not a complain but please add more mobs into the mod. And make shields and armors work normally just like to a player
It doesn’t seem to work going inside a bee nest
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V3 still has the functionality but how?
This add-on is great but thier is a proplem with the normal slime it doesnt spawn in it normal size or dif sizes and it doesn't drop slime balls and qhen you die in slime morph u doesn't morph into a smaller one u just die
a jak zainstalować to na tlaucher
Tlauncher to jest Minecraft Java głuptasie. To jest strona z dodatkami do Bedrocka. A na Tlauncherze to klikasz TLmods wybierasz sobie wersję modpacku, po czym przechodzisz do zakładki mods i tam sobie wyszukujesz coś podobnego.
Chinchilla Overlord May 08, 2022 at 5:51 pm
An excellent mod. There are a few issue with V4, though. I cannot seem to get into a beehive (bee morph function), and, unlike in previous versions, being in a wall causes suffocation instead.
Blue Daniel Galang April 29, 2022 at 12:14 am
Hey Mohammed! Love This Mod! But i hope you add all of the mobs + the new mobs in 1.19 The Warden,Allay,Frog & Tadpole! and the Bosses The Ender Dragon & The Wither! Thanks!