Published on March 01, 2020 (Updated on March 01, 2020)

Mountain House TR

You want to start a new world of survival and you need a ready-made house? This map is for you! This modern house has mechanisms with commands that will give you some things and a style!

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- The download link has been corrected, now it works correctly

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Lmao this site is not working

This link is bring you to the file
Thank you
Too many ads I did everything right the get link button always brings me to a pop-up pls use
go to youtube it bad
Hello i downloaded this map and it is absolutely perfect but i can’t walk more than a few hundred blocks away from the mansion to explore the world in survival before i get teleported back to the mansion even though im not throwing the book on the floor. Please help!!
not download
I can’t download it, it just takes me to a bunch of different ad sites
Hello! Do this:
>click on the link you want.
>verify that you are not a robot
>Click in "Click here to continue"
>if another window opens, close it, but never close the original
>Wait 5 seconds
>Click in "Get link"
>In mediafire page, click in green button "Download"
Question; Are cheats on in this world? Asking because I’m looking for a survival world/house I can actually earn achievements in
It still doesn't work.
Please put mediafire or link