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Published on July 24, 2015 (Updated on July 24, 2015)

Mountain Vacation House [Creation] [Redstone]

Installation Guides

I cant download it :(
The diamond king May 29, 2018 at 9:09 pm
If you can already use Redstone without the mod then no you don't need the mod
The video that helps you do it well at the end when you have to click open in and it comes up with Minecraft mine doesn’t come up with open in so I don’t know what to do:(
There is no Redstone am I missing something for it?
P.S after you do all the steps, go back into MC and it should be there
For anyone who can't download it right:

1. Het ES File Explorer (best file manager)
2. Download what u picked from (or other sites like it)
3. Go to Downloads in ES
4. Find th3 downloaded zip file &hold down on it
5. Click on More (3 dots at the bottom right)
6. Press "Extract to"
7. Once extracted, hold down on the new folder.
8. Press "Move to" in the More options.
9. Select "games" (should have the MCPE logo by it)
10. Then click "minecraftWorlds" and press "OK"

Hope this helps! ;)
How do you make maps and put them up on the website
How do you make these
Can you please add a .mcworld? I can't download in now!
Never, Apple sheep ?

Please enable the download to be a .mcworld file. If possible, I would really appreciate it.

Could you please enable the downoad to be an .mcworld file if so i would really appreciate it thankyou
Good job I love it
Can u guys stop putting so many megabytes on creations plz
Seriously why would there be a redstone mod when redstone alleready exist
Because it was created before redstone existed for Minecraft Pocket Edition.