MrHusana909's War Vehicles 1.0.1 [Planes]

Adds combat vehicles [ 2 vehicle, 2 aircrafts and 1 cannon currently ] and items [from husana909's vehicles addon] ( gas can, engine activator, bullets etc ) ,  will only work in 1 . 1 7 . 1 0 - A B O V E , requires experimental features to be enabled in world settings

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[Changelog 1.0.1]


New :

  • Added 2 new planes - [Cloud demolisher 2623] and [Stingray sharpshooter 2223]
  • Added 2 new item - [Parachute] and [Aircraft guidebook]



  • Added speedometer
  • Entities can now take damage from vehicles (with the exception of warcycle)


Visuals and optimization

  • made the addon a little bit optimized
  • added muzzle flash to tanks, cannons, etc


Installation Guides

make it work on realms
pls make bombers and turrets that are blocks that u can place and ride
Update the addon, add war planes, maybe Frosty and fire frenzy themed war vehicles that shoot meteors or drop ice bombs that freeze a big area of mobs
why is there an error square after shooting?
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload this module to Netease My World?
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
Get away from this site,shameless and greedy thief
Can you add some more war vehicle
Like aircraft more type of tanks
Artillery and warship guns
How do i craft these
or is it not craftable yet?
Hey husana i was waiting for this epic addon and it's finally here! I was so happy to test it and very excited, i here again to support husana! - CapsulePLOT
Sorry for spamming, i having a problem from the lag lol.
Cool addon husana im gonna showcase it