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ManaStudios second map - SkyBlock!

We have made the original SkyBlock but with a twist!
We have added 4 more islands and a barely visible and hard to get to glowing obsidian alien ship with over-powered blocks in there to help you along with your quest to kill the Ender Dragon!

As long as you don't waste materials you can get to the Nether and End, Mobs spawn and keeping inventory is on because I myself (ItzUNKNN0WNx) is a fan of SkyBlock and i always fall off the island and loose all my stuff, so i went out of my way to put keeping inventory on for you so it's not counted as "cheating".

Enjoy! We are now taking suggestions for maps. You can go and suggest a new map here in the comments or go to and join our Discord server. Thanks!

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Update 1.0.1:

- Updated the Minecraft map for version 1.16



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the link was deleated pls i want to play it.
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Can You Make It For 1.16 Beta And Full Release
Guest-1867848591 May 30, 2020 at 4:37 pm
Can you make a Mediafire for mcpe
Guest-3047923227 May 30, 2020 at 4:39 pm
Wait nvm
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Level import failed, why owner??
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Noice xD ~ BTW im the owner :) the comments for me are glitched
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