MultiPixel Texture Pack

MultiPixel is a HD texture pack with new 32x textures that you've never seen before! It's great if you like to improve the look in Minecraft, while keeping the vanilla styling.

Author: Zou Chenyunfei, All Rights Reserved. 

Twitter  @ZouChenyunfei 

Pack Official Twitter: @MultiPixelHD

Discord: Welcome to MultiPixel channel! (

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MultiPixel Texture Pack is a default improvement texture pack. The new default texture pack is 16×16 pixels and this one is doubled that in resolution. So basically it’s double as good as the new Minecraft textures. 

All textures included!



  1. Open Global Resources in Settings.
  2. Single Click the MultiPixel Pack
  1. Click Spanners Icon
  1. Quit Settings Screen

This is Bedrock Edition Aspects

This is Java Edition Aspects ( only)


There are the list of features in Java Edition Aspects

  • Bamboo
  • Dried kelp
  • Jigsaw
  • Sculk sensor
  • Nether brick
  • Water
  • Illager banner
  • The render of Blaze & Glow Squid
  • Sheep
  • Trident riptide
  • Random horizontal deepslates
  • Map
  • Spawn egg
  • Exploding particle
  • Nautilus particle
  • Particle no rotation
  • Flame effect
  • Rain & snow
  • Flip blocks
  • Isotropic blocks
  • Fonts
  • Splashes text
  • Some UI color
  • Campfire smoke particles
  • Crit hit particles
  • Glow squid particles
  • Sculk particles
  • Vibration particles
  • Translucent destructed block particle
  • Zombie Animations
  • Villager Animations
  • Cracked Iron Golem
  • Splash Potion of Instant Damage and Instant Health Particle
  • Creeper Fired Light
  • Cat Model
  • Bed Model
  • Wither Armor Scale
  • Water Colors
  • Carried Item Rotation
  • Controller Icons
  • Crimson Stem Top
  • Warped Stem Top
  • Crimson Door
  • 2D Fishing Hook
  • Fireworks Model
  • Arms of Armor Stands(If not any item in its arm then the arm would be invisible)
  • Piglin Animation
  • Zombified Piglin Animation
  • Drowned Animation(Removed Temporarily)
  • Different Bars (From @CrisXolt)

RTX on Beta


  • When using MultiPixel RTX Beta Pack, you can turn on RTX in your world.
  • Minecraft Windows10 RTX Beta Only!



See you again in June!

This is the last version before June 10th!

Select version for changelog:


Modified candles model textures..

Added fancy glow squid from Minecraft Earth to Fnacy.subpack.

Modified lots of animations in Java subpacks.& Fancy subpack.

All lots of features in Java subpack & Fancy subpack.

Retextured all sign items.

Remove the notification in main screen about Hybred.


  1. Download MultiPixel Texture Pack
  2. Delete old version of MultiPixel.
  3. Open it by Minecraft.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Resolution Setting > Choose Aspect you like.(Java Aspect 1.16.200+ Only)
  5. Apply the resource pack.
  6. Reset Minecraft.
  7. Enjoy It!


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4.62 / 5 (260 votes)
Great Texture Pack! I'm Gonna Use This To My Minecraft But The Problem Is I Have A Yt Channel And They Will Saw This Texture Pack So Can I Use This On My Yt And I Will Credit You In My Description? Btw! How To Remove The Background Of The Minecraft Title Screen? I Want The Old One That Has Amethyst And A Cave So How Can I Remove The Background Of This Texture Pack? Should I Delete Something Or What? Let Me Know Pls!
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Its not working on my phone when i use it only 16x16 instead 32x32. Please fix it
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The pack is great but there are a few bugs such as Llamas are pink, Pigs body's are black, and Iron Golems are invisible. I play on Xbox Series X though I don't think that matters.
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awesome pack! but can you make a 64x and a 128x version! i would LOVE that
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This pack is great and well executed. Some buttons on certain subpacks look weird though.
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Will you guys every make a programmer art version?
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FrostFirePiggyMCPEDL August 20, 2021 at 5:16 am
nice 1000/10
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Hey great job with the pack but a few complaints with the java subpack, the player animations are broken for when you use a spyglass, another is a bug that causes your hands to extend like a zombie when you die or others die, also occurs when using this pack, so could you fix them?
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Just by looking at stone it makes me praise this texture pack
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Oh and also make a subpack that changes the texture of grass to fullgrass
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Good texture like survival java download it
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Ty for the new update. I very appreciate your work, it's just perfect
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Wow, its bean a long time never playing minecraft with this pack. Also, thx for updating the mod till now!
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