MultiPixel Texture Pack

MultiPixel is a HD texture pack with new 32x textures that you’ve never seen before! It’s great if you like to improve the look in Minecraft, while keeping the vanilla styling.

Author: Zou Chenyunfei, All Rights Reserved. 

Twitter  @ZouChenyunfei 

Pack Official Twitter: @MultiPixelHD

Discord: Welcome to MultiPixel channel!

Follow us, then you can get the newest information at the first time!

MultiPixel Texture Pack is a default improvement texture pack. The new default texture pack is 16×16 pixels and this one is doubled that in resolution. So basically it’s double as good as the new Minecraft textures. 

All textures included!



  1. Open Global Resources in Settings.
  2. Single Click the MultiPixel Pack
  3. Click Spanners Icon
  4. Quit Settings Screen

This is Bedrock Edition Aspects

This is Java Edition Aspects ( only)

There are the list of features in Java Edition Aspects

  • Bamboo
  • Dried kelp
  • Jigsaw
  • Nether brick
  • Water
  • Illager banner
  • Sheep
  • Trident riptide
  • Map
  • Spawn egg
  • Exploding particle
  • Nautilus particle
  • Particle no rotation
  • Flame effect
  • Rain & snow
  • Flip blocks
  • Isotropic blocks
  • Fonts
  • Splashes text
  • Some UI color
  • Campfire smoke particles
  • Crit hit particles
  • Translucent destructed block particle
  • Zombie Animations
  • Villager Animations
  • Cracked Iron Golem
  • Splash Potion of Instant Damage and Instant Health Particle
  • Creeper Fired Light
  • Cat Model
  • Bed Model
  • Wither Armor Scale
  • Water Colors
  • Carried Item Rotation
  • Controller Icons
  • Crimson Stem Top
  • Warped Stem Top
  • Crimson Door
  • 2D Fishing Hook
  • Fireworks Model
  • Arms of Armor Stands(If not any item in its arm then the arm would be invisible)
  • Piglin Animation
  • Zombified Piglin Animation
  • Drowned Animation(Removed Temporarily)
  • Different Bars (From @CrisXolt)

RTX on Beta

  • When using MultiPixel RTX Beta Pack, you can turn on RTX in your world.
  • Minecraft Windows10 RTX Beta Only!


Why do you see this?

The last link which redirect to MultiPixel resource pack is no longer valid due to somebody reported this resource to MediaFire with malicious intent.

What happened?

Hybred(Twitter: @TheHybred) ‘s resource packs copied contents from several resource packs, including MultiPixel, Faithful(old), Faithful 32x, Depixel, without indicating the sources. And confirm forged CrisXolt(Twitter @CrisXolt) ‘s RGB Bar UI license. He also took code from Eringi-san(Twitter: @McbeEringi)’s ESBE 2G and integrated it into his Parallax Shader Pack. Hybred did not admit then blocked Eringi.

I(Twitter: @ZouChenyunfei) contacted Hybred in May 2020; he refuted my reasonable request using his few original images. And Hybred never responded positively to the evidence regarding his/her misconduct I listed. Meanwhile, Hybred is trying to libel MultiPixel on the pretext of some images in MultiPixel appears similar to Faithful. I have already contacted MCPEDL to remove Hybred’s resource, which contained unauthorized contents, under the premise that Hybred and I could no longer reach a consensus.

As early as 2019, Faithful Team’s organizer @xMrVizzy announced that MultiPixel and Faithful are not in dispute, allowed to upload to MarketPlace. I have joined the Faithful Team in the same year, but I cannot contribute to the Faithful project due to my tight schedule. @xMrVizzy can prove this.

@TheHybred blocked me on Twitter after I condemned his misconduct. He is still spreading his resource pack(contained unauthorized contents) by using Twitter and Discord. He uploaded it to MediaFire and profit from Linkvertise. However, it does not influence me a lot, so I did not continue with this thing.

December 2020, @TheHybred uploaded a resource pack named “Hybred’s Tools” to MCPEDL; its armor images extract from MultiPixel and Faithful(only Netherite armors) and adjusted color. I reported to MCPEDL again and successfully removed this pack. @TheHybred continued to argue with me because he does not admit his plagiarism. He threatened me that he would use the law to protect his so-called copyright. After that, he blocked all the users who considered he was plagiarizing.

January 1, 2021, the latest version of MultiPixel Bedrock that I uploaded to MediaFire, has been maliciously reported by @TheHybred using copyright infringement as an excuse, then this share link disabled.

His reason:


” I am the rightful owner of some of the files in this pack I am sending you. Specifically the textures under the models section, they are redistributing it without my permission and are costing my financial gain this is very serious.

They keep reposting the content and I’m too busy to keep submitting copyright claims on this file, how can you help ensure this doesn’t happen?

I have faith that the information provided is accurate, I truly believe that they have used my assets.

The information is accurate under penalty of perjury.”


There is no evidence included except absurd complaints.

It seems hard to protect MultiPixel packs on MediaFire. He claimed that he would continue to report my updates. Hybred’s resource packs are the worst infringement to MultiPixel.

To support us, follow our Twitter @MultiPixelHD and author @ZouChenyunfei.

Changelog View more

Added powder snow bucket item.

Added lots of UI images.

Added Announcement page in Main menu of Minecraft.

Added Goat Entity 

Added Goat Horn Item

Added Frozen Effect Image

Added Hover Tab Icon

Added Gift UI icons

Fixed Animation UI

Bug Fixed.

Removed some features causing bugs.

Fixed Strider Legs in the newest Beta

Modified drowned animation to let it be able to be use in new version.

Add 2D glass panes in inventory. (Form [email protected]_Lukas)

Fixed Target Block Textures in New Minecraft Version.

Fixed Iron Golems Animation in Java Aspect.

Added New Brute Piglins Textures.

Added Different Bars. (From @CrisXolt)

Fixed Piglin Animations.


  • Added 2 UI images
  • Modified some textures slightly

Java Aspect:

  • Fixed bee spawn egg color
  • Fixed carried items offset
  • Added piglin attacking animation
  • Added zombified piglin animation

Change names of some.images to march new version.

Updated some.textures.

Fixed the bug that let all players be Steve when using Java Aspect.

Minecraft Windows10 Edition RTX Beta Support!

Fixed Pliglin Admire Animation in Java Aspect.

Blackstone, Respawn Anchor, New UIs, Chain Block, Jigsaw Block and more textures!!!

Bug Fixed & Textures Improved.

Fixed nether & the end fog color

Added cracked iron golem in Java Aspect.

Nether Update!

New features in Java Aspect. (1.16+ only)

Chemistry Textures Pack. (Please activate the pack in your world instead of global resources!)

Fixed some icon

Added some feature in Java Aspect (1.15 only!) (drowned animation, 2d fishing hook 3d splash potions, 3d fireworks and more)

Java Aspect
  1. Zombie Animations
  2. Villager Animations
  3. Armor Stand Arms
  4. Splash Potion of Instant Damage and Instant Health Particle
  5. Creeper Fired Light
  6. Cat Model
  7. Bed Model
  8. Wither Amror
  9. Water Colors
  10. Modified some particle


  1. Fixed Wither Armor
  • Modified campfire smoke particles in Java aspect.
  • Added ranslucent destructed block particles when destroy ranslucent blocks.
  • Modified crit particles in Java aspect.
  • Modified end rod particles in Java aspect.
  • Cancelled own honey comb in Bedrock aspect.
  • Cancelled own honey bottle in Bedrock aspect.
  • Fixed no bubbles over soul sand or lava Block under the water when opened fancy bubbles.

-Add bees and some items and blocks about it.

-Redesigned old zombie villagers.

-Add some UI images.

beta 1.13 Supported.

Add lots of images of new version to support them.

  • Change progress bar
  • Change experience bar
  • Change lava
  • Change fire
  • Change fire effect

(Replace some textures of Faithful)


  1. Download MultiPixel Texture Pack
  2. Delete old version of MultiPixel.
  3. Open it by Minecraft.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Resolution Setting > Choose Aspect you like.(Java Aspect 1.16.200+ Only)
  5. Apply the resource pack.
  6. Reset Minecraft.
  7. Enjoy It!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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417 Responses

4.52 / 5 (223 votes)
  1. FiscalFlipper says:

    The Pack is amazing, but there´s some bugs and all looks kinda plastic with RT enabled. I hope in the future will introduce some tweaks to the RTX version.

  2. TerongCraftMC says:

    Can you make 64×64

  3. Shirocraft says:

    well its been a while since i downloaded multipixel
    and seeing this dramas i feel sick of it,Someone stealing someone content an call them the thief,well its just my anger but maybe you can report back his mediafire link Lol
    also the content of what multipixel/vattic’s faithful or xMrVizzy’xMrVizzy’s Team that continues Faithful to this day is are all based on Vanilla and Vanilla is Under Copyright of mojang
    so technically since its all based on Vanilla so the Copyright is almost useless xD
    anyway good luck for this problem and also i found some Java faithful had some of your multipixel element on it and now its explains alot why theres some closest similarity there

  4. I really feel bad for Zou. Its Hybred’s fault. He really doesn’t admit that he is the one who started this. Shame on you Hybred. You suck. Anyways nice pack this is my favorite texture pack ever! I’m glad that Zou exist.

  5. TSplatscraft says:

    I didn’t know this happend i fell bad for ya

  6. I Like Programmer Art says:

    Glad it’s back! (btw im Sh4dow Nub on twitter, do you still remember me Zou?)

  7. Hey it’s me (@LEnderm4n), i am sorry about the hybred stealing issue, i have an idea: for avoid hybred reporting your links in mediafire you can just use direct mcpedl links (of course if you don’t want no)

  8. RalphToGo says:

    Im happy because it’s back but there is a bug that there’s a random durability bar when i touch the screen

  9. ShahMY says:

    Hybred Da Gamer Moment!

  10. KingKongIDK says:

    Dang. I thought hybred was a pretty good guy. Obviously i was wrong

  11. Ender5643 says:

    https ://www .mediafire .com/file/rygk26mtcr5j1nr/

    Remove the spaces

  12. Marcusmarapao says:

    Bruh fix your minecraft pe link. It dosent work anymore…

  13. Well that’s great dude, better than faithful which improves old textures!

  14. Kaijufan67 says:

    An amazing texture pack, its like faithful, but better, and yes, I know that these textures are based off the new ones, while faithful was based off the old textures. Amazing texture pack, its good for a survival experience that is still like minecraft and realistic, and in my opinion is much better then realistico pe. Sadly, I dont have the texture pack anymore and I can’t redownload it cause of that stupid hybred

  15. Faithful is getting worse and worse and thinking this pack is better

  16. MariofanYT says:

    10/10 texture pack! Ever since i downloaded this it has stayed in my global resources!

  17. IRFAN5350 says:

    I can’t download resource pack, MediaFire link error

    • Curiouscat says:

      If u cant download it’s because someone has claim this to to theres and now taken the to for thereselves

    • Hybred says:

      The reason you cannot download multipixel is because they have violated mojangs content creation policy

      • You’re a liar! Your package had the Multipixel textures modified, you could not prove that you made them, there are several tests against you, even your own tests give you away. Multipixel has not violated any norm, Hybred Tools did, because it contains files from other packages.

        • Hybred says:

          Multipixel claims the armor patterns in its packs are theirs and they have copyright rights over it. The patterns are the same as mojangs default armor and Mojang are the only legal owner of that. Claiming mojangs work as your own and especially enforcing it as your own violates mojang’s content creation policy and copyright laws. I have discussed this with mediafire and contacted Mojang. Until multipixel stops enforcing mojangs assets as there own there links wont be restored and new ones will be taken down on behalf of Mojang as well. Continuous reuploads will even result on an account ban on mediafire. So I do not recommend multipixel repost this until they have allowed other packs using MOJANGS pattern to exist.

          • Without a doubt, you are more and more hypocritical, you talk and talk about what you talked about with Mojang and MediaFire but you don’t give a single test, instead you just block us from Twitter, the saying goes well: “He who owes nothing, nothing fear “. It is not credible that you have got the same armor pattern when making it twice its default measurements, you say that Zou is giving himself the credits for doing it but in this case it is you who even already claimed content that is not yours!

          • XxJeoffelxX says:

            If Multipixel’s armour pattern is the same as Mojang’s, and you also using Multipixel’s armour pattern as your own but with different colors, same patterns. Then basically you’re also violating Mojang’s content creation policy. You’re seriously a dumb hypocrite.

          • Ender5643 says:

            I’d like to see you try to get temp accounts banned LMAO

          • CharitaChan says:

            That doesn’t make any sense, he made this 32x textures and you are just stealing them, the only way he would be violating it if he claimed the original textures, but he is claiming this textures that he made, you don’t make any sense, just accept the truth dude, no one is in your side

          • Tymeless3631 says:

            Just shut the frick up. He did not claim anything of mojang’s as his own, and if creating a texture pack and claiming it’s yours is against copyright, then this would be illegal. You are wrong and you know it, stop being such an idiot


  18. TerongCraftMC says:

    Very Nice and Very good pls get this pack of the new 32x Default texture
    Pls copies Faithful

  19. PlushBones says:

    Love the pack but Makes skins Steve on multiplayer- Please PLEASE fix

  20. Kcmata101 says:

    I like how he adds education edition textures in.

  21. Basically Copies the FaithFul Texture Pack

  22. IBLESKIM says:

    this says it will work with rtx but wen i tried it didn’t work

  23. Dpk_Simo says:

    I want to release a texture pack too but the admins don’t accept it i don’f know why

  24. Explaining a few things:

    Is the texture a copy of Faithful?
    No, Faithful is a 32x with OLD textures, and Multipixel is with NEW textures.

    Did this texture copy other textures?
    No, the creator made the texture from scratch.

    I downloaded the RTX version and it doesn’t work, is it fake?
    No again, the RTX version was made for people who HAVE RTX.

  25. Mhh1561 says:

    Awesome texture pack

  26. Mohaidin_minecraft says:

    Goat pls

  27. EnchantedDirt86 says:

    Ok so basically this is a free version of faithful texture pack for bedrock edition…How can i say no to that 😀

    • NecroBones says:

      But also, Its not faithful, its not copied, Faithful is for old textures, while mulitpixel is for the new textures. (Also also, I cant speak well right now)

  28. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    I love this it’s better than faithful because it doesn’t feel scratchy and isn’t based off the old textures it’s so amazing it’s going to be hard to stop using it when 1.17 comes out cause I would start hating the 1.17 textures for being more boring than the ones on this texture pack.

  29. RalphToGo says:

    I love the texture pack but it make my minecraft slow

  30. Mohaidin_minecraft says:

    Nice pack?
    32×32 is enough!

  31. iKi27 says:

    Why you stop updating this Texture Pack? if you make a resolution of 64 × 64 or 128 × 128 maybe more people will like this Texture Pack

  32. Nicholas Flamy says:

    You should edit the minimap so textures don’t blur.



  34. WhiteB0yz says:

    good job bro ! I know your pack since the first version you made ! always the best texture pack to play ….people are so stupid when he say that these copy on faithful … multipixel has been around for a very long time … there is a lot of different when you know faithful well … so this pack is the best !

  35. darkie123 says:

    im having trouble with colored glass-

  36. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Ah yes, faithful bedrock that is actually free

  37. Theblueman500 says:

    Nice pack

  38. Rama28ID says:

    It is the AWESOME texture pack, thanks for make this texture pack ☺️

  39. JoeKenny says:

    Hey i just want to report bugs, the one in java aspect is when you try to trade with the villagers somehow the item didnt show up only the numbers of the emerald that show when you try to sell or buy, thats all from me i hope you fix this in the next update, Thank you.

  40. Rexminer says:

    Its Awesome but it really looks like Faithful

  41. Dustboy says:

    Nice pack, reminds me of Faithful. By the way, how did you make the subtitle for the logo that looks like the subtitle for an update?

  42. Ajkray29 says:


  43. Rispyif says:

    The black box behind the actionbar doesn’t show up

  44. ZombieUGaming says:

    This Texture Pack like Faithful PE But Better!

  45. Guest-6019806880 says:

    can you change the background to nether like minecraft 1.16 official?

  46. Guest-5041420750 says:

    hey creator can u pls update the texture of quartz bricks in bedrock mode cuz it’s still have the old holy crap texture

  47. EnderZonax600 says:

    please fix the resolution of the blocks, when viewing blocks from a distance they are blurred or with poor resolution

    • Guest-2713925730 says:

      Sorry, but that’s not an issue of the pack. The game is like that. I think it’s called mip-mapping. I really do not know much about it… But that’s the problem of the game, the mip-mapping.

    • Nicholas Flamy says:

      I went into the .MCPack file with 7zip and went to subpacks folder then to either java or bedrock, (depending on which version of Multipixel aspects you like) and went to textures then edited the terrain_texture.json file and was able to change the mipmapping level. Lower means it will load the texture more from a distance, higher means it loads it less. I recommend on low end devices (also low ram) to put it at 3 instead of 3.5. For high end devices you could put it at 2 or something.

  48. Guest-3264050148 says:

    Good, it is a good texture pack I love it !

  49. Guest-3231106268 says:

    I like this texture packs, but can you make the 64×? pls:(

  50. Guest-4197255276 says:

    Please make the target block textures

  51. Guest-6159648554 says:

    I LOVE this pack!! I use it in every single of my worlds!! Anyone who is looking here download it now!! 😀

  52. Guest-3740898107 says:

    I love this pack, the only texture pack apart from tweaks that I actually like

  53. D00M says:

    Hey, thank you for making this wonderful texture pack available for free.

    Players, support the creator by purchasing this pack from marketplace!

    • Guest-7894829635 says:

      Idk, but I think “MultiPixel” looks better than “Faithful”, hehe

      • Guest-9831196810 says:

        Faithful Texture Pack is a pack based on the look of the old textures, Multi Pixel on the other hand, is based out of the new 1.11 textures that were added.

    • As someone else said farther down in the comments, Faithful is a re-do of the original textures, while this is a re-do of the updated textures.

    • Guest-8642367766 says:

      Although this and the updated faithful (the one in the marketplace) look a bit similar, you can see a clear difference between the two. Personally I prefer the updated faithful over this texture pack because imo some of the texures in this pack look weird, but you have to give props to the creator of this pack for staying close to the new jappa textures and making almost all of the textures by himself.

      • Guest-5193153662 says:

        I honestly disagree it think this texture pack looks better than. Faithful and at least it’s not over prized like faithful like jesus christ 15 dollars for a texture pack that makes everything From 16 to 32 yeah no thanks i rather have the free one with the jappa textures don’t get me wrong there’s nothing with making ur texture pack payable but if u make it over prized yeah then nobody is ganna get it

    • KOCreeper243 says:

      Almost.. but its better

  54. Guest-6834132570 says:

    Can you please update? There is a new mob in its the brute piglin mob

  55. Guest-9090195288 says:

    This is not faithful,faithful is old texture and changed to 32x but multipixel is new texture and changed to 32x and this texture pack is very detail.btw this texture has minecraft china support

    Pls update to 1.16.0 official

    My english bad,lol

  56. Guest-4687438751 says:

    Does this work on bedrock 1.16?

  57. Dream lestre says:


  58. justmeRYAN26 says:

    This is the Best! , love the plants , love the blocks , btw Im a builder and loves survival , if your a Builder too , I recommend this to use for your builds , and can you add an updates which you add Outlined Ores please…?

  59. Guest-6142884903 says:

    Make a 64 or 128 version next i like this texture pack

  60. Guest-2068981750 says:

    I downloaded it, it appearred on my settings global resources, but in my world options, it’s not there!! Please fix it.

  61. Guest-1111809219 says:

    I love this pack but I wish there was a short sword option.

  62. Orestisgames07 says:

    It’s really nice! I love it

  63. Guest-4519628167 says:

    I remember when I use to have this pack as my favorite pack, now I’ve changed my tastes and I like simpler 16-8x packs.

    I will still use this sometimes

  64. Guest-9772347312 says:

    Add zip file of its not there and 5 star rate ha ha the login to rate wont stop it from rating

  65. Guest-7998014354 says:

    Did someone noticed that drowned texture sometimes disappears? Probably a bug… Nice pack though

  66. I liked this before, but it supports PBR now? I’m definitely trying this later on my RTX machine!

  67. Nicinator says:

    It looks very realistic with RTX on!

  68. Guest-6214272093 says:

    Ok kayo

  69. Guest-2390833090 says:

    Omg ?

  70. Guest-9535438205 says:

    RTX off: frames per second



    59ptli6yukrtjuddmfu penny


  71. Guest-7279261982 says:

    I wonder if I can use this on my phone

  72. Guest-7023367235 says:

    Good jobs

  73. Guest-4657411899 says:

    Is this actually rtx?

  74. Guest-5954457879 says:

    Work for iOS?

  75. Guest-2852576729 says:

    i have been looking for a texture pack like this in SO long. like SUPER long. thank you sooooo much!

  76. Guest-9099879609 says:

    Can someone port this for java??

  77. Guest-5845407358 says:


  78. Guest-9899689435 says:

    There are new textured in the new beta of Minecraft Bedrock ( Can you update is, please? Thank you!!

  79. Guest-3961296907 says:

    So what is the difference between java and bedrock aspects?

    Is the Java aspect superior? Are there any changes between the two?

    • Guest-2731116896 says:

      Java is the PC version, Bedrock is the mobile version

      • Guest-5645703423 says:

        have you ever heard of mcw10?

      • Guest-7890984839 says:

        Java is the non-multi-device-network that has some features bedrock doesnt which only accepts windows 10

        Bedrock is the multi-device-network that has some features java doesnt which accepts Nintendo switch, computer, android, samsung, itunes, xbox 1, ps4, ps5, apple tv, a shitton more, bedrock isnt just a “MOBILE” edition, it accepts consoles, and linux, mac etc.

  80. TheLastGamer09 says:

    Nice work, but the Piglin model is broken in Please fix it

  81. Guest-1086418461 says:

    It will still lag without shader and with optifine pe it still lags

  82. Guest-1201987605 says:

    Simple and beautiful

  83. Guest-4889811769 says:

    It kept lagging when i use it with shader

  84. Guest-7188547888 says:

    Does this work on mobile? Does anybody know?

  85. Guest-5984985022 says:

    (In fact,this pack is based on Faithful,they are of teamwork.In some parts,this one is perfecter than Faithful and update all the time!)

  86. Guest-4241144380 says:

    There is several thing I want to tell
    1. Good texture pack
    2. Cool ui
    3. Can’t use custom skin
    4. Sneak makes you look weird

    That’s it

  87. Guest-7721808767 says:

    Can you please fix the smooshed face cats? There’s a big white blob on their face once you tame them.

  88. Guest-3383825327 says:

    When I try to download it says downloading but it never downloads, please fix!

  89. Guest-7425728859 says:

    Great, but 2 things:
    1 I am a pe player, and it gets stuck in the nether load screen
    2 looks a lot like faithful

  90. RidhanYgAsli says:

    Wait im so confused how do you manage to make the hand look bigger like java can u answer it

  91. Guest-3172292549 says:

    i love the Multipixel its better than faithful!!!

    but i hope you make an PvP multipixel with fps booster

  92. Guest-8136653111 says:

    Can you please make the menu background more beautiful because it does not look nice.<3

  93. W0rstPlayerEverr says:

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the menu background cause I don’t want it;/

    • Guest-4504485417 says:

      You have to delete that in the resource pack file or replace it with another background. You could google how to do that because I’m not super familiar with editing packs on bedrock.

  94. Guest-6233653835 says:

    You may want to have your own website!

  95. Guest-5784498863 says:

    I have something to suggest. Please modify the oak log because some of my designs did not match to it and can you make the oak log design same as original but with higher definition? Please it will be more beautiful.

  96. Guest-8283360238 says:

    Im waiting for RTX mobile version

  97. Guest-5732219038 says:

    Thanks, Good Job dude 😀

  98. Guest-7063238993 says:

    really really good no download problems no complaints just really good

  99. This looks really nice. I’ll have to compare it to Faithful sometime, make sure it’s not copied. In the meantime this looks really good.

    • Guest-6630351870 says:

      All his textures are original even if they look similar. Nothing was copied from Faithful, we need to stop comparing them. Even the Faithful team on discord knows about this.

  100. Guest-7929655705 says:

    Drowned are invisible in Java mode

  101. Guest-8138163702 says:

    Multipixel was the first texture pack I have ever got I hate faithful, faithful just looks ugly! but Multipixel just wow. This looks so good with rtx and and even with no rtx on this is the best texture pack in the world no bugs at all! (At least with no rtx on).

  102. Guest-6713116961 says:

    Drowned are invisible

  103. MinecraftMaster99 says:


  104. MinecraftMaster99 says:


  105. MinecraftMaster99 says:


  106. AracelyPinkRose says:

    can you change the wood like Faithful please? some don’t like that wood,faithful forgot the Android, please change the wood :’)

  107. ClxtchTV says:

    Is compatible with Pocket Edition?

  108. Guest-6799618893 says:

    Texture are good but Same texture doesn’t connected Like netherack and other textures idk why Is this your texture pack or Minecraft problem

  109. Guest-4650883314 says:

    Can you make a 128x for this

  110. Guest-9345913114 says:

    I have a problem when I see the fire close to animate fire but when I’m quite far from the fire the fire is silent and has no animation and it makes me feel weird when I am in the nether, pls fix it

    • Guest-3758819811 says:

      There is no fixement for that since its the game itself who does that, not the resourse pack

    • Guest-8394584920 says:

      Yeah he cannot do anything about that. That is simply called simulation distance and it is precoded by the game depending on your GPU. It can be increased by getting, idk, a better phone or GPU.

  111. Guest-5282481980 says:

    I know im late, but can someone have a .zip file of this resource pack, I just wanna change something if possible. TNX!

  112. Ident12345 says:

    Hey creator striders and hoglins been released on on April 15 2020 i really like the texture

  113. Guest-9828502920 says:

    Amazing, very well done for the most part.
    I wonder if you can make a new water texture, one that is 32x but not the vanilla one at 32x cause it just makes the water texture smaller, a good example is Faithful on Java MC on the water, it’s really nice and properly done!

  114. Guest-4305519533 says:

    Can you please fix a bug or an error model/texture with the cat that has a color of peach or apricot something like that… Other tamed cats don’t have that error. That cat was like wearing a mask and it’s pretty annoying to me and I also can’t see the cat’s smile on his face… Hope you will fix that?.

  115. Sufs gaming says:

    Yess! I got the new beta ima download this

  116. Zard says:

    Good! New Update 😀

  117. Guest-2280994715 says:

    update to work on it. your texture are good your are team with faithful

  118. Guest-6505912149 says:

    New blocks and mobs added in 1.16.57. I’m hoping it gets updated ASAP because i love this texture pack.

  119. Guest-3590903242 says:

    this is the best i have tried, and i have tried them all.
    please continue with the good work.

  120. Guest-9698804863 says:

    Good,very good

  121. Guest-8226742938 says:

    Esta muy bueno el pack de texturas, estaria bueno qe la resolucion fuera de 64×64..

  122. Guest-8635255826 says:

    What’s the difference between the java and bedrock textures? And also what’s the chemistry pack?

  123. Guest-7825770053 says:

    I love it. Honestly, I can’t play Minecraft without this texture pack.

  124. Theliuermihou says:


  125. Guest-7862074967 says:

    Textures are great, but is there any way to remove the Chinese(I believe) characters? I want to use this texture pack on a realm and don’t want friends getting confused with enchanted items and not knowing what they are.

  126. Theliuermihou says:

    Very good. I’m your audience

  127. Guest-3790052810 says:

    Better than Faithful

  128. Guest-6438042886 says:

    Please fix it isn’t a valid zip archive so MCPE can’t recognize it via direct import and I can’t unzip it to manually put it in

  129. Just downloaded, works perfectly in Beta 1.16.0!

  130. I KNEW THEY HAD THE FUNGUS IN A SEPERATE TEXTURE FOLDER!!! Thanks, needed this intel.

  131. Guest-3221902871 says:

    Guys! Go to his twitter @Multipixel and he realised the hd nether update textures there but not on mcpdl yet..

  132. Guest-4984902177 says:

    Please Update This For The Nether Update Beta!

  133. Guest-7162090113 says:

    Hi i would love to update your pack again to the latest version with nether tools blocks and armors i hope you have a good luck
    Thank you

  134. Qiu_zi says:


  135. THE_BLUE says:

    I love this texture pack, it looks like Faithful (I know Faithful is on the marketplace)

  136. Guest-9813425012 says:

    I need help since when I download this I need to go to the app called files on iPad. And second, the global resource pack screen changed for me so please help me

  137. Guest-5035811824 says:

    I love this texture pack theres the one for java 1.16 snapshot & the one for bedrock 1.14 – 1.15! I first discovered it around 1.12 for bedrock for java much later.

  138. User-3473654217 says:

    This pack is actually quite different to faithful because it actually upscales the textures to 32x without changing anything else. If you look at faithful many of the textures are not simply upscaled but also changed in many different ways in terms of coulours, shape or the whole texture in general. There is a few dozen artists that work on that pack and its all over the place sometimes. So this is actually what a 32x new default would actually look like, and it’s consistent in the textures. It’s an amazing pack. Great work ZouChenyunfei

  139. DTechGamer says:

    Can I make a video of this and with Animated Blocks Texture Pack?

  140. User-2444631350 says:

    The bed has a bug on windows 10

  141. User-9718193253 says:

    With this Resource Pack i can’t see boss bars
    Please Fix it

  142. User-3843405279 says:

    Please add Transparent Beacon effect particles! It really infuriates me on Bedrock….

  143. This is by far the best texture pack I have ever used, I cannot even tell you how long I have been looking for this!

  144. Thunder says:

    Can you please make the swords better? Diamond gold and iron are nice but wood and stone are really weird

  145. Zooid says:

    Can you it make it english on minecraft realms

  146. Anonymous says:

    YES The Loading Dosent Take Years Anymore Here’s A 1000 Stars!!

  147. My name is no name says:

    Please fix the pillager banner it is supposed to look like a normal pillager head

  148. Supernova says:

    Great texture pack!

  149. Role says:


  150. Anonymous says:

    Do You know How To Fix The Loading??????

  151. Anonymous says:

    It’s Kinda Fathiful But Not, Ill Use This And Fathiful From The Marketplace, Again Till The Loadings Fixed!!

  152. Anonymous says:

    Pls Fix The Loading,

  153. Anonymous says:

    Takes Soooooo Long To Load My Game With This On, So I’m Using Fathiful From Marketplace Till The Loading Is Back Normal But, This Texture Packs Awesome, But The Loading Takes Like 2 Minutes Pls Fix This

  154. SammyDoesNotExist_ says:

    So first of all, loving this pack. But the bee texture is missing rn so i hope you will update that soon. Also you should change the panorama to a Multipixel version of the current one. Otherwise, you’re pretty good!

  155. Cjnator38 says:

    “Failed to import “”
    Duplicate pack detected.”

    I’ve never even installed the pack

  156. ckjkjpogi247 says:

    I LOVE THE TEXTURE SO MUCH. I saw this texture pack on YouTubers. And it’s amazing! I’ve been searching for this texture pack for 3 legit years! Then I found this website and search for this texture pack!. Then I found this!.

  157. Jocelyn G. says:

    changes it to rainbow Chinese

  158. Danny B says:

    Keeps changing the language to Chinese

  159. ItzEthanPlayz says:

    Actually what is jigsaw block cqn we found jigsaw the doll???

  160. eoaga says:

    Can you make the education edition elements 32x aswell

  161. Maradon says:

    Cool! Keep working in the same vein!

  162. Zerotwo says:

    I love this texture

  163. SirSinisterSquid says:

    I like this texture pack. Gives it a nice “Natural” look. ?

  164. MCPE 1.13 says:

    Why This Texture Pack kept Crashing Several Times! Seriously, this is just a worst texture pack i’ve ever picked up in my whole life! Cuz you know, Vattic’s Faithful 32×32 was deleted for some reasons

  165. Anonymous says:

    I love this texture pack its like the original but with pixel so thx

    Here’s a 5 star

  166. Zalaxci says:

    It’s just faithful for free.
    You could just get it for free including the new textures by downloading the pc version and porting it using a pack converter, like the mcpe dl one for android.
    But I guess this is easier and includes the ui (even though you could get the pc ui working way better by simply downloading java ui and putting the assets of faithful in the pack folder).

  167. JoeyDoesStuff says:

    “That we’ve never seen before!” Suuuuurrreee.

    But on a serious matter, this texture pack seems pretty great and I’d love to take it out for a spin! ?

  168. DoomedPhobos says:

    Update pleasee

  169. W0rstPlayerEverr says:

    I love this texture pack, in fact this was the first texture I ever got and it’s really nice to see that they still are updating this and making it better.

  170. Mason says:

    Great! I love it!!
    It’s just the java aspects doesn’t work

  171. Anonymous says:

    Swamp water is invisible with Java aspects active. Can you fix this?

  172. DANKMEMES says:

    Thanks for 1.13 and it is an even better version of faithful. I use it always and am so used to it that when I go on my xbox it feels so weird without it

  173. Gamer6360360 says:

    Add default faithful

  174. disomocan7 says:

    Ohh yeah, is faithful modded

  175. Diego Villanueva says:

    It adds the non-show enchantments in his? (In game) If no, it would be great…

  176. The Markinator says:

    It’s faithful but much better since it’s based on the new textures and is free

  177. Not UltEvo says:

    Can you make a 64x version pls

  178. Pokemena says:

    The water, when you go into the water, it’s black. You can’t see anything in the water. Please fix, that’s the only thing that’s bugging me right now.

  179. Anonymous says:

    Muy bueno el Pack de texturas ojala qe sigan actualizando la textura para para futuras versiones sigan asi y me encanto el tono de la Pc..

  180. Lanceypantsy17 says:

    First texture pack I have seen that increases the resolution of textures whilst making mobs and entities look nice and not horrifyingly terrible like it came from the Sonic Movie! Is there one for Java Edition?

  181. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    Can YOU make This 1.13 Beta support please

  182. SolarLolbit says:


  183. RawBeef says:

    Hi I really love this pack but please fix the water when I go underwater all I see is black…pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee

  184. COOL GUY says:

    also for the horses and the donkey models, can you make them the old models so they can look more realistic?
    The old horses and donkeys models were better

  185. Nunya Biznèz says:

    Every time I use this one a world it gets corrupted. But it is a very nice texture pack.

  186. owo im not telling says:

    yo the turtle have a bit of a strait black line problem in beta can you fix it please don’t worry im a very patient person take your time

  187. VappyVaporeon says:

    It’s Soo Dark in The Water Btw Thx!

  188. Valeri says:

    I love this texture pack! I’m glad I finally have it it works great and looks nice ?

  189. Helpme says:

    I hve a problem on diving in the water it all goes dark pls help this is a good texture but thats the only problem tnks

  190. Greenbean says:

    Really nice texture pack. It gives everything a more polished look while staying true to the general appearance of blocks. I play Windows 10 edition and I use this with the UltraMax Shader, which is the best combo I’ve been able to find for this edition. Good work.

    A couple suggestions:
    1) The fishing bobber is currently 2D, so it’s hard to see unless you’re at the right angle. An up to date 3D bobber would be helpful.
    2) The water splashes are kind of an odd V shape and it’s a bit distracting. The splashes are much more visible than in the base game. I’d prefer slightly more subtle water effects.

  191. ShadeOceanEnder says:

    Love this texture pack! I use this literally all the time. 1.13 is in beta with foxes and structure blocks so you might wanna update that. Besides from that, I have no complains.

  192. bender says:

    Hey I was wondering if you know how to put the texture in the global resource pack section. I only see it in the texture pack section when I make a world/modify a pre-existing one

  193. Anonymous says:

    It is really good. 10/10. But please add fox and fix turtle texture.

  194. RM_SAYED says:

    How to download pleace help

  195. Nicolas S. says:

    Very very good texture pack. Also make a 64× version, please (like Faithful).

  196. AnimatedPixel says:

    This is literally another version of the faithful texture pack. I still like it tho

  197. Isaac says:

    It just crashes my game anytime i try to use it is there a fix for this?

  198. NagAtak says:

    I really loved it (but it’s underrated). Thanks a bunch

  199. Guido Mist4 says:

    I rate it 10000000000000000/10 love it so much!

  200. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this pack! I really like the look of it!

  201. feefee242 says:

    I love it! It’s like an updated version of Faithful!

  202. NoahMatthew says:

    I feel like I can’t go back to normal Minecraft I love this texture pack

  203. Émile says:

    Now this is my favorite texture pack, thanks a lot! ^-^

  204. Shirocraft says:

    Finally Faithful Jappa edition
    Because it based from Jappa Vannilla Minecraft but with double resolution its better than 16×16 wich looks blurry

  205. ShineBlue15 says:

    Haha!! I yay! i was waiting for this!!

  206. Wow! This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!

  207. Charles says:

    It’s good but whenever I swim in any water substances, my screen gets super dark that I won’t be able to see anything underwater even above the water while being in the water. This frustrates me. I thought I got the best texture pack since I was looking for Faithful alternative.

  208. Faizhargaming07 says:

    New generation of faithful :v

  209. Nicolas says:

    Great Texture Pack. Also create a 64×64-version of MultiPixel.

  210. Ewewjja says:

    So pretty much faithful huh

  211. 3D Craft says:

    Luv this texture pack it looks similar to Faithful but really fits in the latest village and pillage update keep up the good work ?

  212. MCPE Beta 1.12 says:

    I try to go on the store for Minecraft! Then, There is still faithful on the marketplace! He must be lazy to remove faithful on the marketplace! But it doesn’t matter if you can download faithful on the marketplace! Try to use MultiPixel texture pack instead of Faithful on the marketplace! That would be awesome

  213. MCPE Beta 1.12 says:

    I try to go on the store for Minecraft! Then, There is still faithful on the marketplace! He must be lazy to remove faithful on the marketplace! But it doesn’t matter if you can download faithful on the marketplace! Try to use MultiPixel HD texture pack instead of Faithful on the marketplace! That would be awesome

    • Guest-3118772840 says:

      when you forget to rate the pack so you you post the comment 2 times so you can add the rating just to find out someone made your mistake a meme a year after this

  214. Mikael says:

    128×128 version pls i love this texture!??????

  215. Shadow|vector says:

    Why the texture pack is crashing my game
    The pack will import succesfull then apply it after that i will open my world then it will crash why,answer me??i cant make a video for now

  216. Anonymous says:

    Very good i am a Chinese

  217. byan1453 says:

    Use texture faithful from convert it to mcpe version

  218. ? says:

    So pretty much faithful huh

  219. Ryan Reconish1209 says:

    Love this!

  220. GEO says:

    Can this work for 1.11?

  221. Výbuch Výbuch says:

    can you make 64× version too please?

  222. CaptainCraft says:

    This is like faithful Pe??

  223. Minecrafter1842 says:

    Isn’t this faithful ?

  224. NumNumNumNumNum says:

    This is like Faithful but for PE

  225. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if this is a better Faithful or something else because they both look the same

  226. Anonymous says:

    It’s like faithful but with the new Default

  227. Anonymous says:

    This is basically faithful texture pack you are stealing this texture from faithful texture

  228. Gaming27 says:

    Best Texture pack ever!

  229. ČūŕšèÐŗøįđ says:


  230. Celesian says:

    I love the look of this pack. keep up the great work!

  231. MaCKAttack2123 says:

    Finally I’ve really been looking forward to something like this. Thank you!!

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