Published on March 03, 2018 (Updated on March 03, 2018)

MultiplayerTanks Addon

Installation Guides

The first link is a scam, and isn’t safe either.
XD all you have to do is install a blocker and there you go XD! Mediafire is the safest if you dont go clicking on random things lol
Imagine trying to virus link me
Fk dude this is virus give me media fire link
Yeah! Get rid of the virus link you scammer!
OOP! Sorry, you are my favorite creator just the first link is a virus. 🤷
Plz make more mods!
It is the best mod thx
I think it is cool?
You can spawn it, You can ride it but I can’t shoot or even get off!
Press shift to get off idiot
Um... I’m sure it’s great... It doesn’t spawn...
This Add-on is cery cool! The tanks look nice,and the controls are good. Good job and i hope we will see more awesome add-ons!
I keep on glitching out of tank :(
It doesn’t let me place it down
mayby you in beta not computer super idiot
I love the tank styles! ?
But I wish there is a controller in the tank to shoot, cause I don't like my hands to be the one to shoot...
But still nice job! ?
Before I download, i would like to know what it replaces...
Good...make more tank.maybe even replace all mob with tanks