Published on July 11, 2021 (Updated on June 08, 2023)

Multiplying Crafting Table Addon (1.20 Update Support)

Introducing the Multiplying Crafting Table: a game-changer! Craft it, place your unstackable item, and watch in awe as it multiplies before your eyes. Experience the thrill of abundance and expand your possibilities in just a few simple steps. Prepare for a whole new level of gameplay!
You can multiply any unstackable item in the game using this crafting table

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  • Added literally each and every unstackable item to multiply in the addon
  • Added support for 1.20 Trails and tales update
  • Added All new items from 1.20 update
  • Updated the featured image.
  • Updated the description a little bit.
  • Added more images to the description


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Hello, may I add you as a friend? Regarding the module you made, I have some things I want to communicate with you in detail. I have sent a friend request to your discord, looking forward to your reply.
Where that update gold?
This so long to wait:(
Recipe in my opinion needs blocks not ingots and such
Everything is fine but you should exchange the redstone for gold because the redstone is easier to get or add the gold without removing the redstone because the gold is already necessary to exchange with the jonglins
BTW, I completely forgot to add gold in it, In the next update, I am gonna add it too. And thanks for reporting me.
And you never did add it...