Published on March 24, 2017 (Updated on April 10, 2018)

Murder Mystery Village [Minigame]

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I love murder mystery so much that this girl aphmau played it,it was one of the most funniest videos I ever saw in my life.go check out this video on YouTube: Aphmau Murder Mystery!!!
I did the testing for this map and when i played it, there were no bugs or anything...
...otherwise known as Clue....

Hope we enjoyed I guess I'm so shy
Yeah I guess :D
Let's play I guess
Great map! It would be better if I had more ppl to play with! >_< if anyone is just as lonely as me add me... :]
Xbox GTag: VexingBitGam3r
Taking it for a spin during a birthday party challenge... with 10-year-old kids.... it looks promising from my testing.... a few more people will be better, for my group at least :)
Fix The Game Please
This map always seems to break. Sometime the sheriff doesn't even get a bow or even the murdder dosnt get a sword or even some of the people don't get teleported into the map.
The red stone is broke
Plz fix it creator when I kill the murder with the bow we just stay there and if I'm the murder and I kill everyone nothing happens! Please respond if you fix it or know what's going on!

Creator can u fix it? It dosent work, after the game started when everyone is in a box then nothing happens