Published on April 27, 2022

Music Disc: 5

If you want to try Disc 5 which is about Warden on Bedrock, you are at the right place! I assure you it's worth listening to and looking into music!



  • MusicDisc5.mcpack (5 MB)


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good, could you make a package to change the loot of the ancient city? for minecraft 1.18.30 I would like to visit one but the current loot scares more than the warden, I do not ask you to create the enchantment or the parts of the disc, but the rest such as apples, armor, enchantments... etc
Is there a crafting recipe for the disc?

Nope, not yet because I am trying to learn how behaviour packs work. This pack replaces Disc 13 with Disc 5 for now.

Excellent work!, although maybe in a few hours it will be officially released in beta, this is a better way to have the album and listen to its sounds.
Hello, I am glad to hear it, thanks for giving 5 stars! I made the pack 2 days ago, wanted everyone to listen on Bedrock until it is officially published.

Thank you again bud! Cya!