Muskets Add-On (1.16+)

Do you want something more modern than bows and crossbows? Then download this add-on! It adds a new ranged weapon called muskets. They exist of 5 different material and works perfect in survival and fun!

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•Fixed the problem of a player's musket disappearing when fired in survival mode

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no se pueden craftear las cosas de la ballesta
add safe download
Add copper musket please
Could you redo the addon so that it works properly with other add-ons?
Create a copper musket pls.

i would you send you one suggest :
can you make this add-on compatible with your own Boomerang add-on ? like be in AIO package ?

thx you a lot !
have a great day's !
the addon is very good, only it has an error is that it does not let me do the netherite one and it gives me an error with other addons that add items since it does the firing but does not fire and a suggestion would be good that the musket could be recharged like the crossbow but outside of that it is still a good addon
Incredible Addon! Only issue is can you please make it work for realms! Thanks
El add-on está bastante bien.

El único inconveniente que tengo se relaciona con la creación del mosquete de inframundita, cosa que no me importa.

Thx for fixing but its have new bug we cant connect muzzle and gun stock for make a musket but we can recharge that plz fix that
Next addon is making a Franchi SPAS-12 Tactical Shotgun.
Why will the gun disappear after shotting?
Fix it pls!!!
How about a little minecraft bow retexture to a gun? well just sayin
How to craft Netherite Musket
No that's not an addons that's a texture change
No the addon is not just retextured bow its custom
I Have Bug
If You In Mode Survival
Use Your Musket And It Will Gone
Please Fix It!
I have a bug
If you shot in survival the musket is gone!
Please fix it