Published on December 25, 2016 (Updated on December 25, 2016)

Mutant Creeper Addon

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Good addon
Didn’t download correctly. Please update.
If you update it I'll rate this 5 star
Please creator I liked the add on but change the sound effects and add a different texture to the gunpowder please
U NEED TO UPDATE THIS ADDON!!! You can make the mutsnt creeper spawn in actual baby creepers and creepers can be normal! Yes this is possible baby creepers don’t have to replace anything Astronomic Expansion adds baby creepers, baby skeletons, and scouts, all not really replacing any mobs.
I love this AddOns please replace more mutant creatures
I think it replaced the creeper
SnakedoesMinecraft July 04, 2017 at 10:32 am
Why enderman? I was going to use this with the aether! Replace so thing else plz
This addon is awesome! The olny problem is that it has knockback and when in water it gets hurt. So you must fix it plz
Are You Okay??, I Know You Need A Hospital!
Make a mutant wither storm, and what about a. zombie skeleton that shoots fireballs, is immune to sunlight, immune to other mobs and potions and fire and bows and arrows (any kind) and guns, and can fly, and can use the Pokémon move solar beam, and spawns in zombies, skeletons, mutant zombies, mutant skeletons, mutant creepers, baby creepers, twilight forest hydras, wither storms, creeper titans, zombie titans, skeleton titans, and the bobarmy, bob, bob's mom,bob, baby bob,Peter, bob's sister, and a giant zombie wither storm which is immune to daylight and can fly and shoot wither skulls and suck people up and shoot fireballs as big as the ur-ghast and has 1223336527257262999999999990876552121234556787776516281234567890 health.
There are thousands of them in the end lol