Published on January 06, 2022 (Updated on February 08, 2022)

Mutant More Addon

New mutant more addon adds 3 mutant and new abilities this addon will make your survival its harder than you think. 

Steal it and if you want im not the creator Alexander the creator

And its v1 addon added new mutant mobs like iron golem mutant and husk mutant so enjoy my addon 

Now its added mutant blaze

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Added mutant husk 

ADDED mutant shulker

Added mutant wither skeleton

Added mutant hoglin

Added mutant blaze


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Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
HarlemgamingPlays April 07, 2022 at 6:01 am
Can you make java animations and mutant husk effect you levetation and jump and slam you right on the ground
add walking animation to mutant Husk
I looked in the files of this mod and I was shocked!!! I saw textures from another mod!!!! The creator of this mod STOLE CODE FROM SOMEONE ELSE. THIS MOD IS ZERO STAR FOR STEALING CODE.
On jan14th someone said this mod has lots of bugs and the creator of this mod said "that is a bug i cannot fix" THAT WAS A LIE. HE COULD NOT FIX IT BECAUSE HE STOLE CODE FROM SOMEONE ELSE AND DIDN'T NOW HOW TO FIX BUGS BECAUSE HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CODE. THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE BANNED
he did? This is basically like a port of recreation of the Mutant More Mod on java to bedrock using the same model and some animation and attacks from java.
Add the Mutant Husk's, the Mutant Iron Golem's, the Mutant Blaze's, the Mutant Hoglin's & the Mutant Shulker's walking animations & the Mutant Wither Skeleton's idle animation & remove the baby versions of the Mutants!
Fix the behaviour pack!
Tamable hoglin plz!!!!!!!
The model is a good replica, but the animations were clearly made with no effort, same for the behaviors, this is a bad replica of Java.
Man cool mod, the texture's are the best, keep the good Work man
Bro add some blaze
added mutant blaze!
I'm gonna be honest the model,textures and animations are so cool and pretty much matches the og java version However as i tested this addon out i see a lot of bugs in animations and death animations and here are all of them

*Mutant Husk
Has a late attack sound when attacking
Has no walking animation for some reason
Ones in the second stage mutant husk will sometimes turn into its baby variant

*Mutant Shulker
Has a bugged death animation
Other than that everything is fine with this mob

*Mutant Hoglin
Also has a bugged death animation just like mutant shulker

*Mutant Wither Skeleton
Also has bugged death animation

I do think its a pretty nice port of a java mod however i do think it needs lots of improvements and bug fixes as theres lots of them
Sorry bc that was a bug that i cant fix it
porfa ponle una vida al mutante hoglin de 500
Ponle una vida de 550 al mutante hoglin
Roxxilio rejas boom January 07, 2022 at 10:31 pm
It is almost the same but it seems to me that it lacks animation to walk the mutant Shulker, mutant wither skeleton and mutant hoglin and add certain things