Published on August 05, 2019 (Updated on August 05, 2019)

My Old Creative World

This is my old creative world that I continue to build from 2012-present. It has many small cities and planes in it and includes objects as far out as 3500 block from spawn


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EPIC world, great for driving/destroying/having fun/PVP/Hide and seek. this map has so many uses. :D

(in-game name)
if you want to friend me on MC windows 10 edition, my IGN is: stefix1

have a great day ;D
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if you don't know what IGN means, it means in-game name.
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I play on Xbox but as soon as I try loading into the world Minecraft crashes any fixes?
Could you please convert to mcpack file?
Respect for not deleteing minecraft when fortnite was popular
This map is the best city map ever and great for city roleplaying and great for just driving with a car mod
This is really cool! Me and my friend have been exploring it for a little over an hour and I don't think we have seen everything yet.
Thanks! I really put a TON of time and effort into this world and the highway system isn't even 50% complete! There isn't a ton of detail in the outer cities as they took a few weeks to build! Also, if you go to the north, you'll find a few underground hints to upcoming projects!
Amazing map! Looks like you've put a lot of work into it. I've just installed shaders and it looks awesome. Good job!
Nice. It's always great to see an old world like this.
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