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Published on March 02, 2017 (Updated on March 10, 2017)

My Wolf Add-on

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Cool,also can you add something that increases the damage of the wolf?
very good my wolf is big
Amei meu lobo grande muito massa
Wolf shooting arrows and snowballs doesn't make any sense. It's too unrealistic for me.
TheCrazyCatLady133 August 04, 2020 at 9:47 am
I couldn't use it because there's no resource pack. It said there were some missing dependencies, and I didn't want to glitch out my world.
hey, before I download this mod, is there any way I can have multiple (obviously not the big and small effect) effects on my dog at once?
make an item something to set his abilities back to normal! id like to get rid of the arrow one and make him able to just bite things again but i can't!
My cat addon please
Okay, this addon is amazing! but, (on my computer at least) i found some bugs. The wolves won't take some items (like golden apples and spider eyes), and the pufferfish DID NOT WORK. when i gave it to my wolf, it took DAMAGE from water, and my wolf died. Other than that, this addon is awesome! I just think the creator should fix those problems, make sure the coding is right. I also think being able to ride the wolves would be awesome!
Um how do this work
I've downloaded this and when I go into minecraft pe it only shows up under 'behaviour packs' and not resource packs??
I can't get it to work. Does this still work currently.... If it doesn't could you update it please. This is a really good addon
An archer wolf, my life is complete.
Won’t let me use golden apple! Plz help!

Otherwise, great add on!
won't work for me... it says it won't fit the current version of minecraft or something ;-;