Published on December 08, 2022

Mysterious Cryptid Series - Lochness Monster!

In this world there is mysterious and unexplained sightings of creatures the public has called "Cryptids" due to their strange and out of scientific boundary like nature. For my first ever Addon, I wish to create a creature I've never seen anyone make an Addon of before. Behold Nesse, the Lochness Monster!

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um pls make it the actual addon and not zip pls
I can help with this! Just delete the .zip and replace it with .mcaddon via rename! If it already has .mcaddon after you delete .zip your all set! Then just open in minecraft!
that’s good man I really don’t know how to make Addons in this app I only have Addons on bedrock and some are made by me so… :)
Are you going to add more cryptids and mythos? Like the wendigos.. or Sasquatches.. especially the wendigos!
That is the plan! Though while I'm not the best at this sort of thing they will be seperate addons but they'll always be compatible no matter how many mods are combined with them!
Wendigos, Sasquatches, and a possible update to this one! :D
You could use the original smaller design as the baby version of the Lochness monster. You wouldn't be able to breed them yourself, but if you were lucky enough to find one as a baby in the wild, you could tame it and ride it. You wouldn't be able to tame adults though since they grew up completely in the wild. Maybe you could find Lochness Monster eggs in buried treasure chests too.

Also, if you are going to keep adding more cryptids, I'd definitely recommend you add bigfoot. I have not seen any good bigfoot addons before, so you could be the first one to do it. I've watched a lot of Bigfoot shows when I was younger, so here is some info you could use while adding him:
1. there is more than one kind of bigfoot. some are hostile, some are friendly, but most will still be mean to people who enter their territory. the difference is that the friendly ones will just scare the people away whereas the hostile ones will try and kill you.
2. they build stuff to mark their territory like stick structures.
3. they are almost always nocturnal, but they are sometimes seen at day. the friendly bigfoots are more often seen at day, while the hostile ones almost always wait until night to attack.
4. not all of them are carnivorous, and not all of the carnivorous ones are mean to humans. (Hostile bigfoots are actually pretty rare when compared to other kinds. most only attack humans because they are on the bigfoot's territory)
5. bigfoots don't roar. they kind of make "whoop" sounds. basically, they sound more like monkeys.
6. I have never heard a story of two bigfoots fighting each other.
7. bigfoots almost always avoid populated areas, so I guess make sure they are coded to run from iron golems so that they stay out of villages.
8. bigfoots live all over the world, not just america. bigfoot is just what the american sasquatch is called. There is also the yowie of Australia, the rock ape of Vietnam, and the yeti of the Himalayan mountains to name a few.
I hit the word limit, so I'm adding more info here.
9. some bigfoots travel in small groups (especially the rock ape. stories tell of the rock ape traveling in quite large groups actually), but a lot of times bigfoots are either solitary or in pairs.
10. not all bigfoots are actually tall. if I remember correctly, the rock ape is only five or six feet tall. most bigfoots are around seven to nine feet tall though.
11. bigfoots are really tough. there have been stories of people shooting bigfoots, and a body is never found. this is likely because the story is fake, but it could also imply that the bigfoot both survived and recovered from being shot without having any kind of medical assistance.

Anyway, with all that being said, I'd recommend you add four kinds of bigfoots to your addon:
1. A large bigfoot (3 or 4 blocks tall) that is completely passive and spawns rarely in the mega taiga biome (the one with the big spruce trees). you could tame and heal it with sweet berries, and it would protect you from hostile mobs. you wouldn't be able to breed it though, meaning you'd have to find more (and they would be very rare) if you wanted to make a bigfoot army.
2. A 3-block tall neutral bigfoot that spawns rarely in the roofed forest biomes (the one with dark oak trees). they would hunt cows for food but leave the player alone as long as the player leaves them alone. They could spawn by themselves or in groups of 2-3.
3. a hostile 2-block tall bigfoot that would spawn rarely in jungle biomes at night. they will hunt cows for food and attack any players that they see in their territory. they spawn in groups of 2-5 and can break down doors if a player tries hiding in his/her house.
4. a hostile 3-block tall bigfoot that spawns rarely in regular swamp and mangrove swamp biomes. they will hunt cows for food and attack any players that they find in their territory. they always spawn alone.
I actualy thought it's the baby version before I read it
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It's my favorit cryptid
Realy good mod♥️♥️♥️