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Published on December 27, 2017 (Updated on February 24, 2018)

Mysterious Island (Tokyo Disney SEA) [Adventure]

The work on this map began back in August last year and today is the first time it's being released. It's based on a fictional island called Mysterious Island in a novel (The Mysterious Island) by Jules Verne. This same island has also been built at Tokyo DisneySea and that is the place which this same map is based on. It includes a new mobs and a fully customized terrain which you can explore.

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter Account
Updated: 24 February, 2018 (bug fixes, you can now switch to creative mode)

Main Features

  • Journey to the center of the Earth
  • 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Parkour & Minigames (Maze, Shooting, Boss Battle)



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3.44 / 5 (9 votes)
Download link not working
I hope you work it out with you're girlfriend/boyfriend, Such a great map creator does not deserve such heart-break if you did break-up know you will find the right person sooner or later but I would go and break those signs before someone else finds them and makes fun of you again AWESOME map I would love more as such, Have a wonderful day(and life)!!!!
Still didn't try, but it looks cool! And I read "Journey to the center of the Earth"
JEFFY MCJEFFY JEFFERSON May 19, 2018 at 9:16 pm
When I tried to load this map I was spawned in a flat area with nothing in sight. I’m on an iPad Pro. Please fix.
I don’t know where anything is, what I got accomplished was going down an elevator, where is the rides, where is the games, where is the parkour?
This is quite a nice map, and I can tell how much work went into it, especially in the details. But I think you should label it as a creation map rather than an adventure because nothing is rideable, but it is a nice map to fly around and look at. :)
How do you get out of adventure mode? I found that I couldn’t leave adventure mode, and I assumed it was due to commands.
It's not bad It's Very Amaziiiiiinnng!!!!!
This map is so cool! The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is that, I don’t know how to get onto the rides. ☹️Besides that it is awesome!
The game is good. I found the elevator to the center of the earth. I cannot trade without my game crashing however. And so many areas are inaccessible. I have found that I cannot go into creative to fix these problems, and the games are placed so far apart. This map Would be better if I could go creative.
Did you play the porkour? Did you watch the video to the end? I say this map is complicated !!!!
This was OUTSTANDING can you please explain in a YouTube video how you did that elevator where you slowly go down
My world did not show