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Published on December 27, 2017 (Updated on February 24, 2018)

Mysterious Island (Tokyo Disney SEA) [Adventure]

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Download link not working
I hope you work it out with you're girlfriend/boyfriend, Such a great map creator does not deserve such heart-break if you did break-up know you will find the right person sooner or later but I would go and break those signs before someone else finds them and makes fun of you again AWESOME map I would love more as such, Have a wonderful day(and life)!!!!
Still didn't try, but it looks cool! And I read "Journey to the center of the Earth"
JEFFY MCJEFFY JEFFERSON May 19, 2018 at 9:16 pm
When I tried to load this map I was spawned in a flat area with nothing in sight. I’m on an iPad Pro. Please fix.
I don’t know where anything is, what I got accomplished was going down an elevator, where is the rides, where is the games, where is the parkour?
This is quite a nice map, and I can tell how much work went into it, especially in the details. But I think you should label it as a creation map rather than an adventure because nothing is rideable, but it is a nice map to fly around and look at. :)
How do you get out of adventure mode? I found that I couldn’t leave adventure mode, and I assumed it was due to commands.
It's not bad It's Very Amaziiiiiinnng!!!!!
This map is so cool! The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is that, I don’t know how to get onto the rides. ☹️Besides that it is awesome!
The game is good. I found the elevator to the center of the earth. I cannot trade without my game crashing however. And so many areas are inaccessible. I have found that I cannot go into creative to fix these problems, and the games are placed so far apart. This map Would be better if I could go creative.
Did you play the porkour? Did you watch the video to the end? I say this map is complicated !!!!
This was OUTSTANDING can you please explain in a YouTube video how you did that elevator where you slowly go down
My world did not show