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Published on July 25, 2018 (Updated on July 25, 2018)

Mysterious SEA Addon

Mysterious SEA is the perfect add-on for anyone who love exploring the ocean. It adds more than 10 new water mobs as well as a whole lot of new armor and items. The addon has been specifically designed for survival mode. For example, all mobs will naturally appear in the water, so you don't have to waste any time spawning them yourself. It's like a super cool upgrade of the already awesome Update Aquatic!

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter Account

How does it work?

This add-on is highly focused on the aspect of underwater survival. All new mobs and items are in some relation to the water. For example, there are new diving equipment (with special status effects) and all mobs you will be able to find naturally spawning underwater.

There is a lot to see and experience with this add-on. Everything from brand new bosses to new diving equipment and weapons.

You can find a full list of features further down on this page!




  • Amphibious Humanoid (replaces Ghast)
  • Water Monster (Boss) (replaces Witch)
  • Steam Machine (Boss) (replaces Wither)
  • King Mermaid (Boss) (replaces Creeper)
  • Killer whale (replaces Evoker)
  • Mermaid (replaces Husk)
  • Mermaid (replaces Zombie)
  • Mermaid (replaces Zombie Pigman)
  • V,LEMO (replaces Stray)
  • Seiren (replaces Drowned)
  • Sea Turtle (replaces Wolf)
  • Moorish Idol (replaces Moorish Idol)
  • Trilobite (replaces Silverfish)
  • Angler fish (replaces Spider)
  • Random Spawn (replaces Cave Spider)
  • Frying Block (replaces Vex)
  • Random Chest (replaces Zombie Villager)
  • Shark (by Julien) (replaces Guardian)
  • Megalodon (by Julien) (replaces Elder Guardian)
  • Raft (replaces Boat)


  • Diving Helmet MkII (replaces Creeper Skull)
  • Diving Helmet MkI (replaces Diamond Helmet)
  • Diving Suit (replaces Diamond Chestplate)
  • Diving Leggins (replaces Diamond Leggings)
  • Diving Boots (replaces Diamond Boots)
  • Manaia Necklace (replaces Iron Chestplate)
  • Hook Necklace (replaces Chainmail Chestplate)
  • Tiki Necklace (replaces Golden Chestplate)
  • Orca Trophy (replaces Dragon Head)
  • Crystal Sword (replaces Diamond Sword)
  • Crystal (replaces Diamond)
  • Underwater Gun (replaces Bow)
  • Bullet (replaces Arrow)


Important note: 

Shark is made by Jujustyle7 (approved)


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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4.13 / 5 (32 votes)
I really like the concept for this mod, but i cant get the textures to works, could you fix it, so I can have textures working? thanks!
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add cthulu , shub-nighurath , azathot and all ancient ones , great old ones and outer gods
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remember shub-nighurath is a she goat whit 1000 baby goats
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You should update it to make the mod have custom entities/items
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Yea they should that's a good idea
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Ok, for once, this did not work AT ALL. I tried it on PE and this happened:
It showed the spawn eggs, and it replaced the wolves and mooshrooms and everything like it said. But when I selected the egg and tried to spawn the thing that replaced the wolf, a wolf just came up! Poo
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Bruh this was made a year ago what are you expecting
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Hey update this add-on make it has thier own eggs not replaces any entities please do this man
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Question, um can we have it be updated to the 1.11+ update please? .-.
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My games like that too. I want to have the pack so I have cool creatchers underwater but all the mermaids look like zombies and pigmen!. Please fix this
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Charlie dane castor February 16, 2019 at 6:57 am
I have the same im in v1.8.0 wow
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I cant dowload the thing please fix im ios
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Sea Turtle-Invisible
Moorish Idol-Crash
Steam Machine - Still A Zombie Horse
King Mermaid - Invisible
Trilobite - Invisible
V.LEMO - Invisible
Anglerfish - Invisible
Mermaid 1- Invisible
Mermaid 2 - Floating Golden Sword
Mermaid 3 - Invisible
Mermaid 4 - Invisible
Random spawn-Crash
Water Monster - Invisible
Shark - Invisible
Megalodon - Still An Elder Guardian
Amphibious Humanoid - Invisible
Killer Whale - Still An Evoker
Frying Block - Invisible
Random Chest - Invisible
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uhm at the creator, you know that it is possible to add new mobs without replacing the normal? would be realy cool if you would use that so i / we can use more than one mob addon at the same time.

also my game crashs after a little time by using this addon and i did not see a single water creature.
my game version is v1.8.0
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Am i the only person exspreincing texture issues?
First of all none of the mermaids will work secound of all the steam machine has the wither texture instead of the thing i was going to review all of this for my rp game but because of these glitches i cannot do anything.
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