Published on February 02, 2021 (Updated on May 03, 2022)

Mystica Crops Addon (Big Update)

Welcome to my addon Mystica Craft! This addon adds many items, blocks and a new mob into your world. This addon adds a creative way to automate your farming. .

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Version 3:

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes crops breaks

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed block geometry of more than 1 block

Technical Changes:

  • Mystica Book can now be opened for information
  • Changed Mystica Crop Texture and Crop Icons
  • Changed Harvester Golem Texture

New Blocks:

  • Added research table
  • Ancient Wood
  • Custom Chests (Creative Only)

New Items:

  • Recipes Slates

New Weapon:

  • Ancient Spear

New Consumable:

  • Unknown Meat

New Mob:

  • Club Goblin
  • Archer Goblin

New Structures:

  • Abandoned Mystica Houses (3 Variants)
  • Big Ancient Portals
  • Goblin Fort



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For some reason there's a bug happening for me that I can't place the crops, they function well if I use the "/Fill" command but other then that, that's the only troubles I'm having. That hella upsets me since I love this addon TuT
No me deja plantar ningún cultivo
I only want the golem and ore crops..
by the way the ui brakes compatibility with other mods, can u make that ui as separate.
It should not I coded it in a way that it supports all addons with UI
You have to update the addon for version 1.18.12, the infucer and flower blocks are bugged, and you can't plant the mystic tree
Hope you update it to 1.17 this seemed fun
like a mix of botanica and mystical plants mod. bedrock needs these and a thaumcraft
ILL TAKE IT! its cute :)
I still have the updated textures I made for this if you are interested
Somehow the plants won't give me ore chunks but a whole ass plant when harvested. Im using v1.4 of the addon & play on 1.17.
Also noticed that crops sometimes destroy themselves when reentering the game
Having trouble with figuring out how to craft harvester station can't even find them in creative but other than that fantastic addon not to easy to get going but not to hard. My only 2 complaints can't figure out how to craft the harvester stations mainly because u chose such a hard color and small writing on the picture of recipes and not on creative mod Ethier so kinda confused
Estou testando o addon no modo sobrevivência então o único problema que eu encontrei foi que eu não estou conseguindo fazer a flor com o lírio e o livro, tentei de todo jeito mas não vai. Uma outra coisa que eu notei foi que a cerca conecta com a planta de minério, e ficaria mais bonitinho se não conectasse.
Everything works well except the doesn't even move even if i changed it's mode or not. I tried the fix but it didn't change anything. Do i have to turn something on? Experimental stuff is already on. Do i have to have the behaviour pack on the top or smth?