Published on February 16, 2023

Mystical Structures and Mobs Addon 1.18-1.19+

Head out for new thrilling and exciting adventures searching for this new structures with their awesome loots! Beware of the awfully powerful bosses and new strong mobs you might encounter!

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Don't you have a direct link or some other shortener? Linkvertise was ruined long ago with advertising of dubious quality and multiple viruses.
Bro, deberias de bajar la generación de estructuras, se generan mucho y ocasiona mucho lag
shame it expects me to install a trojan just to download this mod.
no thank you.
I am very sorry.... I am not quite aware of that... Does both link do that?
Is it compatible with other addons?
This addon is very promising, I really love the ideas, the structures while not the best look really good, and the mobs are great Aswell, however no offense the texturing is not that great to say the least, but maybe I can help with that? I'm an addon creator and I really wanna help out with this addon, I can do the texturing! Well if you want atleast, I'll just ask for your discord then, that's all I hope this addon gets a lot of attention!
Of course! It's fine. I'd really appreciate that! I'm just really not good at texturing since I just began creating Addons last October hehehe.

And oh btw It's not the full version yet, it should have the weapons, and I named the full addon Mystical Expansion. I'll be posting it soon.

Feel free to re-texture and tweak the addon as much as you can! Thanks!

Zussman_Klint#6465 is my Discord!
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Is there something wrong with the links?