Published on December 07, 2022 (Updated on April 26, 2023)

MythBreak : Dry and Blossom Update [New Mobs, Items, Structures etc]

Hello~This is my brand new addon Mythical Break. 

Mythbreak addon is about fantasy world where many Fantasy mythical creatures live. This addon will have some remake function of my old addon.

If you have suggestion , idea or bug report. Feel free to comment.


Ravemon : Resource Things

LukmanGG Craft : Behaviour Things

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-New Items

-New Weapons

-New Structure


-Arachne & Spidermite

-Zomboo & Enchanter

-Drought Wyvern

-Lunarian Dragon        


Supported Minecraft versions

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Idk why the link gone, i already submit the link, you can download from here while i update it
My channel Ravemon Gaming
please update to 1.20 plsss
Hey, so, i dowloaded the addon but the resource pack is not working, everything is invisible or purple and black
Two things that completely ruin your addon:
1- Arachne.
In addition to spawning all the time and anywhere, killing all the animals and mobs we care for, the minion spawns are exaggerated and very unbearable.
2- Zombooo.
I wondered what this mob relationship is to the dragons, what did you have in mind when you decided it would be a good idea to have a normal zombie as a zombooo? He completely ruins the land, a pest.
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Luna 囲院ば ❧ August 23, 2023 at 10:46 am
Hello this addon is awesome and it's #2 in my list of fantasy addon,Kudos to your team
...if people having hard time to download missing packs look for it in other sites or just look for it in his channel and do subscribe atleast that's how to say ty to the creator

Ilove the dragonss here the behavior texture overall wish you can add like sea dragons too what I hate are the spawning of too much Arachne ,I hope in the future u fix it or atleast let her spawn in her own structure or biome atleast, support 🔥❤️
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EquinoxtheWingedWolf July 25, 2023 at 4:50 pm
For some reason when I download the behaviour pack it only had three items in it. It only had the scripts for the arcane spider.
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Amigo, adoro esse addon, você poderia adicionar dragões gigantes, com poderes etc. Domáveis claro, seria
I wish you can just remove zomboo, it just doesnt seem to fit the style of this addon
you have to decrease the appearance rate of the spider queen and the bone dragon, it's absurd, it generates a lot of lag and it's annoying and the spidermites are completely disposable, apart from that this addon is amazing and could have a griffin, hippogriff and pegasus, and the spider queen appears only in her own structure
love the addons! i only have one problem tho, the spider girl spawn wayy too often/much. i can't go anywhere without her spawning. and is always near surface too so no matter what it will always trigger the fight. I'm not even in taiga :( i hope she can be rarer or spawn deeper in cave instead :
From where i can download the addon? Resource's link doesn't work
my friend you need to repair the resource pack, it is giving error in mc windows. I'm looking forward to playing the addon.