Published on November 05, 2018 (Updated on November 05, 2018)

Mythical Creatures [Creation]

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I can't even get this map cause of some type of error called "error 404"
Yes but you forgot fairies im just looking for an add on with fairies
Good map
become a mermaid?

Can you be a mermaid?
I love it but the werewolves are villagers other than that love it can’t wait for the next nap
It’s not working I am just in a invisible block reply ASAP please
i cant download it what do I do?
I can't download it! Still,looks cool though (*.*)
Make a download for the used addon plzzz love it
Can't download even YouTube cant
Is there multiple ender dragons? After I killed one I kept hearing the dragon noises, and a new health bar popped up but I couldn’t see another one, I’m going to redownload and test but I’m just slightly confused.
I love the world!! It’s full of adventure and magical creatures. I just don’t exactly like how all the mermaids and fairies look exactly alike.
Can I become mermaid/fairy if so tell me and reply ASAP
Can I turn into a fairy/mermaid?
Reply ASAP and if so reply how