Published on June 20, 2021

Mythical World Boss II

This is separate from my add-on called Devilbrinecraft Beta. Devilbrine "The Overlord" of Mythical World can summon his army, and his queen Evil Lilith "The Queen of Deception" can summon too. this add-on have a too sword called "Omega Lord Sword" and "Alpha Lord Sword" one of powerful weapon is "Devilbrine Lightning Power" if you want see how powerful the boss of Mythical World, this is for you.

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  • Health : 2,000
  • Damage : 10
  • Summon : Lightning Bolt and His Army
  • Melee and Range

Evil Lilith 

  • Health : 1,500
  • Damage : 9
  • Summon : Lightning Bolt
  • Melee and Range

Wither Devilbrine

  • Health : 900
  • Range : Wither Dangerous Skull
  • Damage : 6
  • Ability : If you fire lightning he transform into the Devilbrine

"Alpha Lord Sword and Omega Lord Sword"


  • Damage : 100


  • Damage : 90

Deep River in Curse Biome

Curse Biome 

if you want see more up coming update this is next boss update 


  1. Nightmare
  2. Entity 606 ( Cannot Summon )
  3. NULL ( Cannot Summon )
  4. Dark Lord 
  5. Evil Stive


always remember you need on experimental

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I can't wait for the next boss update! Cool addon!
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There's a bug in the addon the buttons to move around the world is invincible
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sorry to tell you, that is not bug, that is included of my add-on, that why this is not ordinary add-on this is for Pro only.
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I can't wait for the next boss update! Cool addon!
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