Published on February 27, 2021 (Updated on June 15, 2022)

NAME TAG USERNAMES [Usernames Addon]

Don't you wish Minecraft was more simpler, how names work is just too complicated, don't you wish all names were like how names worked for nametags, well now they can. You can now make Minecraft even more simple and ever harder for you to find your friends in caves.

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Changed the page to look better

small improvements to fix for 1.19

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fixed title


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Could you make sure that the tag remains displayed even if you move away from the player?
can i name myself herobrine
Can you name yourself, and do the names show in chat?
Haven’t tried yet but if I name him something does his name on chat change as well (probably no but still curious)
Hey i like the concept of this addon. I was thinking if you could do custom drath messages with names weapons like if a sword was named with like “noob” it would say player1 was killed by player 2 using noob.
Yes i can finally name my friend Butt head