Published on October 16, 2022

Nameless Cores

Do you want to see me? No? It's terrible…

This addons adds the cores, that let you swim much faster, jump higher or see in water.

All cores have their own particles.

There is particles!

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 Fully created new addon. With love.

Creator: I

Translator: I/Google translate

Artist: I




  • NamelessCores.mcpack (101.68 KB)
  • Resource1.mcpack (104.96 KB)

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Hi buddy good addon but I what I want is not whether it’s good or not I just wanted to clarify that for a moment and thing is that is this addon compatible with other addons for instance? I just wanted to post this comment just because I wanted to install this addon and I didn’t know whether it is compatible or not. Sorry for the long comment and sorry for trying to act smart just a thing I do. Oh well in the end it’s all about minecraft
I'm sorry. This add-on is full compatible with other addons. BUT effects and text bellow actionbar is reloading every tick. It means that using other addons that write something in the actionbar slot causes chaos in this slot.
The effects, that have been given by the core is refreshing every tick.

I RECOMMEND to use this add-on with other. The playing with this addon will be easier on the last stages of game. This add-on doesn't adds something to explore.

I think, that this add-on isn't my best add-on. My first and second addons are better. (Baubles and Implants). They are compatible with actual versions

Sorry for the long comment ))
Regarding the implants addon the workbench needed to install implants canted be crafted or given via cheats.