Published on December 13, 2019 (Updated on December 13, 2019)

Naruto Armors and Jutsus Addon

Hello! This is my Naruto Addon that adds armor and jutsus with animation! Yes - animation! This is just a beta that adds few things, if it is very supported I will soon bring more things. :)

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Link that causes errors was updated It brings nothing new Future plans: Kakashi armor Sasuke Armor Add mobs



  • naruto_armors_and_jutsus[B].mcpack
  • naruto_armors_and_jutsus[R].mcpack
  • chydory.mcpack
  • rasengan.mcpack

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Update please
Why the link didnt worked it said download failed pls fix it
Fix link!
Guest-5020853844 May 12, 2020 at 5:24 pm
No puedo descargar ninguna cosa
No me deja descargar el chidori ni el rasengan
Hey i can't download nothing:"(
Guauuuuuu bro que buen addon espero que lo mejore demasiado que agregue más ropa armas ninjas y más jutsus de toda la franquicia de naruto y que ya esto no parezca un addon si no un mod ya q me encanta naruto ojalá agregarlas demasiados jutsus junto con la ropa de sus personajes
I can't get armor even with command yo fix addon
the armors dont work and i dont know why i tried the command and it didnt do anything
Chidori is spelt wrong
Esta chido el addon soy tu fan te sigo en youtube
That's a nice addon. But one problem, the geometry naruto:rasengan not found.
Where naruto run?