Published on July 11, 2020 (Updated on July 11, 2020)

Natural Saplings

Makes saplings generate in all forest biomes. They are about as common as sweet berries are in taigas. It doesn’t make sense that when you generate a world, all the trees are fully grown.


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Please update the modern architecture addon and make it compitable of minecraft 1.16 version
I'm working on it right now. Should be out within a few days.
Enderscript studios July 11, 2020 at 9:39 am
Can I use this in my modpack?
Yes, as long as you link back to this page.
Hey buddy, i got some suggestion for you. How about all the saplings that you drop to the ground (or drop by natural) it grow or attach itself to the ground instead despawn. So if you want to get rid of those things, either you throw them into the lava or another block. Thank you!
That would be really cool, but that would require use of animation controllers, which are very unreliable on multiplayer and realms.
I hope mojang hire you soon, even this is not hype this is what we need
what he's saying in a nutshell is, you think you can make this addon worth downloading? Like spice it up a bit! Geez, "natural saplings" in your world I mean what's the hype?
This wasn’t meant to be a big addon, just a sort of “vanilla tweaks” type addon. I have a few bigger addons planned for the next few weeks
How about you make tour own addon you entitled little kid
This is the guy who texted about the taller trees, I apologize for the trouble I caused I was giving suggestions I didn’t expect someone to go ape. Who ever said to spice it up needs to realize that it’s hard making a addon, the person who called him a entitled brat needs to get his priorities checked.
U think you could try and do bushes? Or how about taller and shorter trees? More vegetation?