Natural Spawning Pack (for Your Own Worlds)

This pack is made for people who already installed ASIAN ANIMALS PACK to their infinite world(s). It allows the animals from the ASIAN ANIMALS PACKto spawn naturally in their respective biomes.

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For now, japanese macaques and snow leopards do not spawn naturally because this component will be added to them in the Northern Pack that should be released by the end of July 2020



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Can you make it so the animals can be tamed? I really want more companions that will fight and protect you.
The number one zoo addon
Hey, so I'm getting animation errors & whenever I attack a bug it crashes my game..I thought it was from my end but then I noticed "ar:pao_m". I really like this mod, I hope in the future it'll start working properly for me. lol Keep up the great work!
(Asian Roofs Team)
Hi, thank you for telling us and yes we are aware of these bugs already.

The problem with insects is the loot file.

And if you are talking about the flying animation of birds, it’s because the animation file was forgotten during some transfer

Don’t worry, this will all be fixed in additional packs such as the "Tiny Pack" and the "Bird Pack".

Check our YouTube channel or website to see when the packs are ready
No hay animación en los cocodrilos. Y en otros animales tienen que tener animación de volar y nadar y atacar y esenas de muerde de los animales
(Asian Roofs Team)
Hi! Crocodiles do have animations... and the flying animation had disappeared but will be added back in the Birds Pack.

And animals attack others every 20 minutes