The National Basketball Asociation "NBA" is a worldwide basketball sports community. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan are all known to the world as NBA LEGENDS. This skin pack features all three of those NBA LEGENDS in their classic Jerseys. All of the skins featured in this pack are a represented look of the actual player. 

Michael Jordan arguably known as the Greatest Of All Time "Goat" is featured in this skin pack. Kobe Bryant, which competes hand to hand with Michael Jordan as he's known for his hardworking capabilities and his love for the NBA is featured in this skin pack. Lebron James, which is the modern-day GOAT, is one of the greatest slashing-playmakers in the NBA is also featured in this NBA LEGENDS skin pack.

Michael Jordan- Front View

Michael Jordan- Back View

Kobe Bryant- Front View

Kobe Bryant- Back View

Lebron James- Front View

Lebron James- Back View

The characters were made in a skin creator application. They took around 2-5 days to make as they were made to the nearest detail. The character's skin and clothing were all designed in detail for your best in-game experience. More NBA skin packs with different players are coming soon!

Things to note are that these players were picked based on their performance and overall vote from millions of people around the world. I picked either the team they were most known for playing with or their latest contract in a team to choose each player's jersey. You can check out all of my other skins and maps I created too!

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The .Zip file extension for PC users is coming soon!

Step 1: Click on the direct download link

Step 2: Wait till the pack imports on Minecraft

Step 3: Check if the pack is in your Skin Catalog

Step 4: Pick a Skin and Enjoy!


  • NBA LEGENDS.mcpack

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I just made a really basic Kobe skin. I thought it was amazing. Then I saw this one. It even has LeBron and Jordan! Im getting this one.
The creation of a new Skin Pack is coming and Releasing Soon!
Is this a tribute for kobe bryant?
It wasn't intended to be, but we all miss him!
Yes. Rest In Peace Kobe
You seem very professional with skin making, so I was wondering if you could make a flash or dr strange skin pack I would be very thankful and I believe many others would be based off of the comments I've read
Thanks! I'm down for making those skin packs!