Published on June 26, 2021 (Updated on February 24, 2024)


Neon20 is a new GUI Texture Pack for Minecraft BEDROCK. You will get a new overlay for in-game bars like the hotbar, experience bar, health bar, and more. Get a completely new Hub overlay for Minecraft. That's not all; this pack also changes the background and buttons, including containers like inventory or furnace. Creative mode gets a new overlay as well. See more below, and if you like it, subscribe for more new hub overlays. THX! -zny games

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update 1.20.x

- Added:

  • attack.png
  • attack_pressed.png
  • dismount.png
  • dismount_pressed.png
  • flyingascend.png
  • flyingascend_pressed.png
  • flyingdescend.png
  • flyingdescend_pressed.png
  • interact.png
  • interact_pressed.png
  • joystick_frame.png
  • joystick_knob.png
  • jump.png
  • jump_boost_effect.png
  • jump_pressed.png
  • mount.png
  • mount_pressed.png
  • sneak.png
  • sneak_pressed.png
  • sprint.png
  • sprint_disable.png
  • sprint_pressed.png
  • waterascend.png
  • waterascend_pressed.png
  • waterdescend.png
  • waterdescend_pressed.png




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hii i have a suggestion!

a rose themed gui?
im fascinated by your works
This texture pack is so good I've been looking for a good neon one. This one is amazing keep up the good work.
Ah man. I wish this was available for mcpe too :(