Published on April 08, 2020

Nether Features Add-on

This add-on adds some Nether Update features that are already implemented in the Java Edition Snapshot for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. They are super cool features that make the Nether Update more complete and that will comes out in the future for Minecraft Bedrock, but until it comes out, you can test them with this add-on!


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Is it possible to make this compatible with 1.14?
This Pack is Good.
But i want This to Support in 1.14
Hey can you make this pack but only with the ambience and update it for the basalt deltas, there is ambience on bedrock but it's terrible and it's not even complete, normaly i would just use this for the ambience but in 1.16 it messes with some of the mobs textures
apparently 1.16 will launch on bedrock likely on june
that is true because I saw it on Minecraft gamepedia and lots of people saying it might come out on june
Guest-6992521199 May 20, 2020 at 7:05 pm
The textures don’t show
Gotta hand it to you, you did pretty good on this! I'll be sure to test this out.

Also, if you're interested, I left some feedback on the Master Sword 3D Model.
The comment had me as Anonymous, since I wasn't logged in, but you should be able to tell
that I left the comment, since I replied to it.
You have to pay a lot of money, join linkvertize and risk a Trojan downloaded on your device with pop up ads on screen. I won't risk that!
No kidding! I hate Linkvertize.
the nether ambeince is playing in the overworld
I get Cave Sounds.
Zoglins are already in the beta even the bones. Also added striders! No need for this
Your rude >:( this was before the update when I have it I liked it I will report you
Learn how to spell before writing hostile posts!
The whole point of this is so that ppl will be able to run a nether snapshot in 1.15
It was great. Only thing is that don't use ads on your download links. Many people either won't be able to download it or they just refuse to download it because the ads were annoying and sometimes inappropriate for some ages. So I would give it a three-star rate.
Excuse me but can you remove the zoglin from the addon since it got added in
can you add mediafire
I’m on IOS so I can’t download the beta, but I still downloaded the resource Pack just for the panorama. Honestly one of my favorite things about the nether update is the panorama, so thanks a million for allowing me access to it :)
5 stars
I think the Addon looks VERY cool and I enjoyed earlier versions but I don’t have 1.16 beta so please, please make this available for 1.15
The purpose of this Add-on is to add some more things from the Nether Update that are missing in version 1.16 (Beta). So it only works in version 1.16! But the Nether Background still works in version 1.15/1.14.
Ok! Thank you for telling me anyways. I’d be glad to install the resource pack anyways for that epic background. Thank you.

This IS Guest-9297139520
1.15 doesn’t exist for bedrock. We’re on 1.14, all the 1.15 features are in 1.16 now