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Published on February 06, 2020 (Updated on September 17, 2020)

Nether Start Addon

Spawn in the Nether instead of the Overworld with randomized loot sets and a vanilla experience + respawn in the Nether until you enter a portal. No complicated setup required! 

This makes use of experimental scripting features to do things commands could never do alone, which makes starting your world extremely easy to setup. It is no longer necessary to type in any commands, simply import the addon and start up your world. You will instantly go to the Nether when you spawn.

You will be greeted without a portal when you enter, so spawning is changed to reflect that. Access to the Overworld is locked until you enter a Nether portal. Simply make a portal with obsidian and then you are free to go.

You will randomly be given 1 of 10 of these randomized loot sets when you spawn:

1: warped_fungus_on_a_stick, saddle, lodestone 8, compass 8
2: emptymap 16 2, compass 16, paper 32, cartography_table
3: blue_ice 8, soul_soil 8, bucket 1 10, stone_pickaxe
4: wooden_sword, shield, fishing_rod, wooden_pickaxe
5: crossbow, bow, arrow 32, egg 32
6: elytra, fireworks 16, fireball 32, stone_axe
7: wooden_shovel, wooden_pickaxe, wooden_hoe, wooden_sword
8: totem, golden_apple, enchanted_apple, ender_pearl 8
9: stone_hoe, shears, flint_and_steel, wooden_axe
10: snowball 16, snowball 16, snowball 16, snowball 16

Everything past that is a relatively standard Nether experience. Nothing extra for the vanilla feeling. Play this with your favorite addons!

Cipheroid_'s Twitter for updates and more content

Do not post the addon's files to another site. Do not link shorten this addon. This is exclusively posted for MCPEDL and is not to be stolen, renamed, or cloned from. I will not take it lightly if you attempt to use this addon for those purposes especially if it is not faithful.

Select version for changelog:

  • Portal is now deleted instead of having a bedrock frame
  • Randomized loot sets implemented for inventory
  • Removed common golden gear to keep piglin trades fair
  • Addon polished to prevent functions from breaking
  • Spawning and respawning has been properly fixed

(Due to a "bugfix" that moved players to random locations that spawned directly on portal blocks, it broke the addon's spawning mechanic. It is now patched, but you may get strange issues If you happen to have extreme tick lag.)


This addon works on Windows 10 only
Android / iOS / Xbox / Playstation not supported

  • Start in a new world
  • Turn on experimental gameplay and cheats
  • Import the behavior pack addon just like any other


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4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
Hey, when I clicked on the link, there was an error page? File not found, not stored on MediaFire anymore or taken down by Media Fire, something like that. Did you take it down???
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Same, it looks as if Mediafire took it down, or something.
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i get a infinite nether loading screen
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No addon can ever do that. That is a Minecraft bug on Mojang's part, not an addon bug.
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Guest-4376317417 May 12, 2020 at 7:17 am
If i die i will spawn in normal world?? wut
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This is a bug in the latest update caused by a change of how spawning works. In earlier versions, spawn used to be forced into one location by command, but this no longer works when the player spawns within certain blocks. This breaks spawning entirely.

I will try to see if I can find a way to fix it. If not, I may have to retire this addon.
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Guest-6087062425 May 07, 2020 at 6:53 pm
Can you make an android version?
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Only Windows 10 has scripting available. This is Mojang's doing, so I can never change that.
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Could you make this multi-player compatible - or is it already multiplayer compatible? This would be great so everyone new who joins has the same spawn and spawn point in the nether as well as the same starting gear.
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Everyone already has the same starting gear. What are you talking about?

It's already multiplayer compatible, but due to the portal turning into bedrock, players do not spawn in the same location. This is unavoidable, so I will not change that.
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A some add-on can you Crete more!
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I don't understand your inglish
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Awesome add-on, can you create more?
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Yeah as long as I get some suggestions
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