Nether Survival Spawn

The Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update was released very recently, and some people haven't seen the Nether yet, or had a chance to play in Survival! Well this Charming Nether themed Survival Spawn is perfect for a survival world! 

Nether Survival Spawn Built by Endercraft Studios. (Builds by ImJustIgor, AwesomeDudeMC, Neosai1, and km6tvh)

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How do I start in the nether in Minecraft Pe.?
This looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Is it okay if I use this in a youtube mcpe seires?
Is awesome the map I can see the job, but I think it can be more awesome with a starter kit, yes with it because in the nether when you enter in the portal you haven't any hoglin to kill but if in a ches you put meat, 16 ender perls and stone or wood sword, pickaxe and axe it can be more awes ome
I haven't downloaded the map yet but it already looks awesome, Good Job
Cool! I've been looking nether survival spawn to start my nether survival world :D
What texture are you using