Published on July 27, 2020 (Updated on July 27, 2020)

Nether Update Super Seed

The best seed to enjoy the Nether Update, explore new places, make creations, try addons, textures, do survival, adventure maps, play with friends, open a realm, or make a server, all in this single seed, the possibilities are infinite

Hello everyone, I'm Bruno MG and this is my first post on MCPEDL, this is an incredible seed that contains everything you need to enjoy the Nether Update, first you appear in front of a giant ruined Portal, if you go a little further you will find a village with a temple just to one side, now, if you activate the ruined portal you will find, another portal in the Nether and a fortress in front of the portal where you entered, well that's all of this seed I hope you like it and I leave the coordinates of each structure

NOTE: For this seed you must turn off the wifi and the simulation distance in 4 ONLY in 1.16+


Portal (Overworld) 744, 67, 82

Village: 659, 67, 138

Temple: 602, 67, 143


Ruined portal: 84, 52, 56

Fortress: 142, 67, 42

If you review the seed leave credits

SEED: -1850001742

PD: Sorry for my English

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