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Published on November 28, 2014 (Updated on November 28, 2014)

Nether: Jungle Village & Diamonds

The spawn is right in front of a village on the edge of a jungle. In the jungle village you will find a blacksmith with great loot as well as a cavern leading down to a path where you will eventually find lots of diamonds.

In the blacksmith chest you will find: an iron pickaxe, 3 gold ingots and some bread.

Between the two structures in the village there are a little cave leading down to a bunch of iron ores on your right.

In the middle of those iron ores you want to dig straight down.

Eventually you will fall into some water. Find the water source and then head right.

When you see a little lava and a green (odd) grass plant continue on your left and walk on the dirt left of the lava.

Soon you will see some blue lapis in the ceiling of the tunnel, but just continue for a bit until you reach two different paths - left and right. Pick the right direction.

The right path got a little grass plant and the walls are covered in dirt. Eventually you'll find some lava and water and that means you are walking in the right direction.

Soon you will get to a huge cavern with lots of lava and it's just really cool. In the cavern just continue on your right and then you will two diamonds and a bunch of gold blocks.

There is a small path leading into a separate room where you will find more diamonds, it's all closely connected to the cavern and not too hard to find.

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Have anyone found the nether fortress? I've been floating in the nether for hours and I can't find the nether fortress
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Make sure you uppercase the "N" in "Nether."
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Nice that is qeard
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