Published on December 22, 2019 (Updated on November 19, 2020)


The Nether just got a whole lot more dangerous. Well, if you added Nethercats it did, otherwise it's probably about as dangerous as it was yesterday. And just as boring!!! Let's not forget that.

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A few minor changes to (slightly) reduce spawn rate and the quality and quantity of their drops (much less diamond gear now, it was crazy).



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Awesome add-on! Really love it and it looks almost vanilla! Can you make a warped version of it too? Also Enderdogs or Ender Pups would be super cool to see too!
Hello mno, can you please add warped nethercat variant, which spawns as blue, and a basalt nethercat which is a gray cat.
Make them attack hoglins plz
Great, only thing is they sometimes pounce on these invisible object things. This is probably the code, but they attack them. Maybe three heads or three tails? It would be cool but just don’t make them pets.
Make is so you can tame them with nether wart ???????????
iron man addon?!?!?!?!?!
Except for the whiskers, this is actually very Minecrafty for a Add-on!
How did you do the sound? I am working on an addon by myself and the sounds are just not working... BTW: I played your addon and it is very cool :D , I like the Nether cat a lot. It feels like this could be in deafault Minecraft (and that is good)
Can u make it tameable?
Não gostei tanta coisa para se fazer em um addon como aliens ou bestas , mas oque vc só traz gatos a mano pelo amor de Deus
Fela da puta tu n sabe da genialidade viado deixa o # sou mial porra
looks pretty cool