Published on February 09, 2023 (Updated on May 16, 2023)

Nethercraft [V.3] || Overall update! || Making the Nether more interesting!

I know, there was a Nether Update Before,

HOWEVERI Still think the Nether has a lot of potential  

so I added everything that I thought was Good for a new Nether Update 

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-Added Platinum (It is the Iron for the Nether)
-Added Bloodstone Gems (Diamond for the Nether)
-Added Warped Wart and its decoration Blocks
-Added Chaga Wart and its decoration Blocks
-Added Psilocybe Wart and its decoration Blocks
-Added Death Cap Wart and its decoration Blocks
-Added the Soul Stone and soul stone dust
-Added Soul Pumpkin and Soul Pumpkin Pie
-Added the Soul Tower
-Added the Warped Nether Ship
-Added Obsidian Spikes
-Changed Piglin Bartering Loot Table
-Wither skeletons now spawn naturally in Soul sand Valleys
-Fixed Multiple small Bugs
-Fixed some Recipes


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Hi laiffoo I found out some wood set (door fence etc) doesn’t appear that mean 1.20 are broken but you can able to fix it at specific code to work
That would be cool
make an addon that adds minecraft legends stuff to bedrock please
Hi, LOVE the mod. Just saw the update, but it seems to be the same file as before (still version 1.0.0). I have deleted the previous one, and still no new blocks available in the creative menu. Am I going something wrong?

Thank you!
Hey, did you make sure to download both the RP and BP?
And maybe try redownloading it
Hi! Thanks for your response. I did redownload both RP and BP, and still calls for a duplicate pack when I import. I even tried to rename the file with the version number in it... nothing works. Is there anything else I can try?

Thank you! :)
The addon is too good, but the cow mushroom spawn is too excessive xD, please reduce that spawn (you will understand me when you try go to the nether). 😸
Redownload the Addon now and they should spawn less
Hey, just want to tell you, this mod is amazing, only problem is, I've made a nether base and there are WAY too many cows spawning in and is causing a lot of lag, especially for people with low end devices on my realms, could you fix this please?
Redownload the Addon now and they should spawn less
me agrado mucho los nuevos conceptos de los cubos nuevos