Netherrack Plus

Did you wanted to have the old bloodstone, but also wanted to have the new nethereack at the same time? Or did you just wanted to compress netherrack blocks? Here's the most simple solution!!

First of all, here's blodstone, if you know something about minecraft's history, you might know that netherrack was first named "bloodstone", but notch reffered to it as "netherstone" in a tweet, cause of that, nobody knew what of that two was the real name for that stone, until the update that added netherrack.

Here is some naturally generated bloodstone:

(The same image without that lava)

Here you can see that netherrack is not replaced (you can also know that in the images☝)

If you try to lit it the fire will not stay forever unlike real netherrack (i will need help with that), also it is not directional (i will also need help with that).

You can polish bloodstone in a stonecutter or by putting 4 anywhere (but not in a shapeless way) in the crafting table

(for some reason you can't polish bloodstone in your inventory)

Now, the compressed netherrack.

The diferencie between netherrack and the compressed one is small, but not that small.

I will give credits to Dharkcraft, he gived me tips for fix the errors, mainly in the resource (this is the first time i made normal custom blocks)

A posibility: This might be the beggining of a add-on that could make old and new blocks, items and mobs be in the same minecraft version.


Mcpack: Windows 10, Android and iOs: Open and it should import to minecraft automatically.

Consoles: Idk

Zip: Windows 10: Idk

Android: Extract and move the resource to resource_packs and the behavior to behavior_packs,

iOs: I don't think that's even possible 😂😂

If i update this delete older versions to avoid any problem.


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Somehow bloodstone is not generating in the nether anymore.
Somehow bloodstone is not generating in the nether anymore.
Could you add pigmen the one that went extinct before it became zombie?
I am making pigmans lore right now, but idk how to make custom mobs work
The compressed netherrack and polished versions makes this better! Keep up the good work
It’s ok looking you could also add pigmen into the pack and maybe old blaze old ghast old wither skeleton and old zombie pigman
I said this was the begginig of OG Craft, so yes, that will be in the pack
Lol, I remember you saying on my addon "OG Craft is Canceled."

I usually create unique addons, Legacy addon literally pops the idea on my mind. But still you have great work of the netherrack!
This is useless! The addon does not even work!
Are you on the right version?
y? yo si extraño la piedra sadica de minecraft
Hermano el solo dijo que no le funcionó nisiquiera sabes inglés jajsjsjsj
Old Minecraft. Still cool after all.