Published on October 15, 2021 (Updated on October 14, 2021)

New Chest Addon

This mod will bring new chests that will make Minecraft more interesting. These chests have cheaper crafting compared to a regular chest.                                 


  • they break with a single blow
  • not have an opening animation
  • they are opened by long pressing on the chest or by right-clicking the mouse
  • do not interact with pistons, funnels, and similar things
  • when you try to craft a new chest from 8 blocks, a regular chest will be created



types of chests:



Dark oak:








front view:

rear view:


Select version for changelog:


a bug has been fixed due to which on some devices the chests had incorrect names


  • new_chest.mcaddon (79.66 KB)

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Yeah this add on could be made in literally 10 minutes once you have all the textures lined up and ready. It's literally just an entity with no a and storage. By the way how long did it take you to get those photos where it looks like they're perfectly in the corner
The mod was developed in 5 days while studying the creation of addons for Minecraft BE. The chest works as a storage thanks to the entity. The photos took 2-3 minutes. And the photos were not edited, except that additional details were cropped somewhere.
Can you make it so the chests are not entities?. And is there any way you can create custom enderchests That can function the same as the Ender chest but connect to the original under chest inventory table. basically having more than one type of enderchest That connects to the original. And do a enderchest Is backpack mod that can connect to the real Enderchest
to begin with, I do not know how to implement a chest as not an to make an ender chest there is a variant of how to work, but it will be difficult for me and I have very little time since there are 2 mods in development at the moment.making a mod for backpacks that will be associated with the usual is a very interesting idea, I will try to implement it when I get it. but it's not very soon because of my activities on ru YouTube.
Suggestions: Make a custom oak chest but have the original chest be made by a combination of any of the other woods
Also crimson and warped chests are a bit too smooth
thanks for the recommendation, other mods are currently being developed, but despite this I will add a new chest, the textures will probably change.
Spruces colour is too dark, crimson looks too smooth, mabye make the bottom of the chest look planked, like the crimson door? looks really good. Also, if you want, you should retexture oak chest to make it suit oak more
thanks for the comment, the oak chest will be made.the color or seems normal to me, and the smoothness of the crimson chest is made on purpose since it's a hell of a tree.
Did you make these with the add on maker for smartphones