Published on March 01, 2021 (Updated on March 01, 2021)

New Effect Turtle Shells

Now with the new minecraft bedrock updates it is easier to make add-ons like this. These are new scales and turtle shells that have different effects that will serve you in your world of survival

This add-on is currently in a beta version which will be updated later, this add-on adds ten new shells and scales.

the new thing that this plugin adds are

  1. add ten multi-colored turtle scales
  2. add ten helmet with effects that serve you in survival
  3. add the blue scale
  4. add the purple scale
  5. add the lime green
  6. add the red helmet with fire resistance effect
  7. add the blue helmet with water resistance effect
  8. red shell with fire resistance effect

      2. Light blue shell with water resistance effect

    3. green carapace with villager hero effect

  4. orange shell

   5. purple shell

  6. yellow shell

  7. lime shell

 8. light green shell

9. cyan shell

 10. pink shell

 11. magenta shell

magenta shell

purple scale

red scale

Lime scale

Green light scale

Blue scale

Magenta scale

Orange scale

Yellow scale

Blue light scale

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the new things added are

  1. pinkish scale
  2. red scale
  3. the red helmet was added
  4. ten new helmets were added
  5. ten new effects were added

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