Published on February 01, 2021

New Netherite Pack Texture

Hi guys, I'm Dark_Create, and today I'm introducing you a texture that will modify all the netherite objects making them with lava / fire colored details. Hope you like it!

Scroll down for texture images!



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Hello I need to ask you if can I use your netherite Texture Pack in my Mashup Texture Pack I will credit you BTW
Can you make it so that we can change ancient debris back to its original texture other than that this pack is GREAT
Can you remove the lava edge on the sword or move it to the base of the blade? Also make the outlined debris a subpack option.
I'll see what I can do anyway I think the netherite outline will remove it.
This comment has been removed
Of course I will soon make an update that will remove the outline! 💪🏻