New Player Animation V0.3

Player Animation Pack is a texture that includes walking, sprinting, sneaking, swimming, riding, and more. It will make your character animation look more realistic and the bending of the character will be more comfortable, I especially like the running animation here, which enables Steve to finally bend down and run forward, which is more realistic.


Here are the new animations for this texture which you will hopefully enjoy in your game when you try it out today. There is a lot to check out so make sure you don’t miss anything. Because there are a lot of cool different animations added/replaced.

New Player Animation V0.3

0.3 Update content

Attack  挥拳

Sword.attack  剑攻击

Axe.attack  斧子攻击

Animals.blink  生物眨眼

New Player Animation V0.2.8

bob  待机

fly 飞行

swim 游泳

riding 骑乘

sneaking 潜行

walk 行走

sprint 奔跑

axe 持斧

pickaxe 持镐

fish 钓鱼

shield 持盾

sprint.sword 奔跑持剑

gliding 鞘翅滑翔

Easter_egg 彩蛋😃

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New Player Animation V0.3





Thank you for your comments and downloads😃





Thank you for your comments and downloads😃

New moves such as fishing, weapon running, attack animation, gliding, etc

Thank you for your comments and downloads😃

V 0.2.7 Updated to introduce:

Now you can add a custom skin 😃


Armor can normal use now 😃

And easter_egg!!!😃

Sorry, version 0.2.7 has a problem with weapons not displaying properly😶




Custom skin methods:

将你的皮肤图片命名为“steve”复制到/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/NPA V0.3 (R)/textures/entity/里


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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312 Responses

4.48 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Guest-7200811690 says:

    Make dynamic surroundings mod so that the main character suffocates while running and there are sounds when you switch objects

  2. Guest-6004232504 says:

    i find a bug,u can just use the resource pack,and it work work

  3. Guest-3454370463 says:

    Please change the diving animation to do it as in mo bends. And the surface swimming animation during the sprint is missing

  4. Guest-3295241309 says:

    What’s version work???

  5. Guest-6823903237 says:

    will there be an update later?

  6. Konstantin40k says:

    Thank you so much! I’m afraid to imagine how much work has been done on this. Either way, it’s great.
    I’ve been dreaming about an animation add-on for a long time.

    But I’m sorry everyone’s low-grade just because they can’t install it.All too lazy to read the instructions

    • KID丶SKY says:

      Thank you, thank you for being able to help me answer other people’s comments while I’m busy with my work. Thanks again😃

      • Guest-9576369087 says:

        Can you pls add climbing animation more mob animations

        • Konstantin40k says:

          Hmm climbing… Wdym? Are you talking about ladder animation? Unfortunately, the animation of ladder climb, falls and jump is the same. I mean, it’s the same in Minecraft.

        • Konstantin40k says:

          If you mean Smart moving it takes a long time to work.

      • ZukeGG says:

        I am going to review this addon on my channel

      • Guest-7185630978 says:

        KID SKY,

        You have done admirably,You dont have to add anything on this now except fixing the pack,Maybe make it compatible on multiplayer with custom skins ^_^ I really Love this pack..Now all Im waiting is for someone else to upload “Better first person” render addon which supports this addon,GREAT JOOOB

  7. Guest-6671351119 says:

    I love your add-on. But is it possible to add a real-life first-person render😀?

  8. Guest-6314875554 says:


  9. Guest-7461879760 says:

    Hey how do i open this or use idk how

  10. Guest-8500734629 says:

    I hope it works on my online skin,Instead of just working on the default skin

  11. Guest-9371573984 says:

    Windows 10 does not work please fix

  12. Guest-9587793948 says:

    🙁 why cant i use my custom skin?

  13. Guest-7100406439 says:

    the jumping animation sucks a bit but its fine… but i will realy like it if you add jumping while sprinting animation

  14. WryIceBearYT1 says:

    Can u make this for multiplayer worlds pls

  15. Guest-2251226420 says:

    Maybe you’ll create a discord server?

  16. Guest-4073609749 says:

    How about adding an animation to mobs to make it looks cool

  17. Guest-2714486153 says:

    Bro pls add animation like sprint jump, throwing etc.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, it’s cool. Waiting for new cool updated.
    (P.S: Please, make cool animation of critical hit with sword)

  19. Guest-7606390665 says:

    Hi 💗
    The add-on is very very cool 💓😎😎💪
    But I don’t like use Steve skin I want to use my skin plz fix it😭

  20. Guest-2687061048 says:

    PLEASE replace the wooden sword , stone sword and iron sword’s sprint animation on gold sword , diamond sword and netherite sword cuz I don’t like the gold sword , diamond sword and netherite sword’s sprint animation please

  21. Guest-1152131634 says:

    Please add support for slim/Alex type skins🙏

  22. Guest-3040222756 says:

    This thing doesn’t work cuz it’s not an mc addon/pack instead it’s a zip, CAN U FIX IT PLS

  23. Guest-5958290396 says:

    Nice work bro keep working on this one cause this mod is perfect

  24. Guest-7687811869 says:

    The animation is not working even i use mc the arms are sticking to thebody and when i move its like a stick.please fix i like this animation.

  25. Guest-4173870906 says:

    Y’all suckers cuz it version of minecraft does not properly match this add-on on my Minecraft it’s working SUPER PERFECTLY this add-on is the best my MCPE version it works on too

  26. Guest-6277024401 says:

    this sucks i cannot change the skin like the previous one 🙁

  27. CubeMaster says:

    Not working, hands are stick to body, legs not moving, really a mess! errors with UUIDs, Just removed it (windows 10)

  28. Guest-8455138576 says:

    Can u make a .mcpack

  29. Guest-2428532019 says:

    I don’t understand the tips for the personalized skin can you explain?

  30. dhaney0421 says:

    The Minecraft hands are corrupt, and when you have overlays, (other pixels on top of the character, covering the main body) they don’t show. PLEASE FIX OR THIS ADDON IS SUED PLZ

  31. Guest-4284475873 says:

    If you guys have problem extraction of this add-on/mod download izip app then open the addon zip in izip then rename it as .mcaddon at last it’s not mcpack it’s mcaddon

  32. Guest-6716085772 says:


  33. Guest-1025729630 says:

    Its ok but I tried to To do it on Zip
    Please make a Mcpack not a zip
    When I export the zip in minecraft it cames nothing

  34. Guest-9575928559 says:

    I love this mo bend’s animation but is only steve it’s won’t work on custom skin can you fix plss😟😟😟

  35. Guest-1232862970 says:

    Wait, is any other skin than Steve broken? I haven’t tested the new version because the previous one was completely broken. I downloaded it but I haven’t gotten a chance to test it out

  36. Guest-2834063025 says:


  37. Guest-2115646609 says:

    I can’t put custom skin because the entity file “steve” is not in the package.

  38. MrNifrit says:

    Add custom skin plsssss

  39. MrNifrit says:

    Please add custom skin

  40. Guest-5144234583 says:

    Please make this Amazing add-on work on the Newest Minecraft Pocket Edition version available that is non beta. I tried it but the animation is broken.

  41. Wufflesvn says:

    How to put my skin

  42. Guest-6810454075 says:

    OK so he is playing minecraft bedrock edition on mob ile but we have to play java edition to use the addon

  43. Guest-1830542941 says:

    Please make the mpack file

  44. Guest-7950004078 says:

    When the player holds a crossbow and walks he waves his hands.

  45. Guest-7833532894 says:

    Hello. I have suggestions.

    What about adding a shoulder view while playing from a third face?

    What about adding the ability to crawl?

    Add animation for shovels, hoes and for flint and steel?

    Add the ability to sit and lie anywhere?

    Add walking and attack animation for zombies (Drowned etc) , skeleton, villagers and pillagers, for piglin and zombie piglin and other similar mobs

  46. Guest-3429264211 says:

    can’t download, make the mcpack

  47. Yanai says:

    I think this mod is perfect and the Easter egg is great! I am looking forward to the author’s future works.

  48. Guest-8623528513 says:

    Bruh when is the new update coming out?

  49. Guest-2595795277 says:

    For some reason my Steve skin turn into a girl skin

  50. Guest-8546522342 says:

    Please make the opportunity to sit and lie anywhere with these animations

  51. Guest-8490486277 says:

    It’s not working

  52. Guest-7412929705 says:

    Move the camera to shoulder as in GTA 5 during the game from 3 person view and the ability to crawl please

  53. Guest-5640228498 says:

    Hi, can you add crawl animation ?, i need that

  54. Guest-9944389911 says:

    Bro pls launch new version I am waiting for it really I am excited for new features

    • KID丶SKY says:

      A new version is coming soon, including a new attack animation, which I’m calling version 0.3

      • Guest-3179834099 says:

        A mi me sale error solo con minecraft:pig la animacion va bien pero el mensaje de error es molesto amigo espero pueda corregir eso , por ahora es todo buen addon sigue sorprendiendonos asi, si te sirve de ayuda juego en un samsung s7 edge y mi versión de minecraft pe es la 1.16.2 official gracias

  55. Guest-3556606082 says:

    not going to lie this looks a little like the MO-BENDS mod for the java edition LOL

  56. Guest-7185656169 says:

    1. Alright guys, everything works, select steve skin in main menu and load in, there we go, thats the skin you HAVE to use. 2. (For dev) suggestions to put in the addon: Any skin allowed to use without manually replacing the file, better attack animation like a swing, and thats all I think, everything else is 10/10.

  57. Guest-7514443295 says:

    Doesn’t work on the latest version

  58. Guest-6741301060 says:

    DUDE! The custom skin method u gave doesn’t work, I tried but it just doesn’t, a video for iOS or pc, Heck maybe both could really help

  59. KID丶SKY says:

    I am working on the bug fix of version 0.2.9. If you find any bugs in version 0.2.8, please reply below this message

    • Guest-8190930594 says:

      I’m really enjoying the addon and what it brings with it. The only nitpick I have is that it doesn’t work with 98% of the marketplace skins. The legs of those skins are bound together and if there is a way to fix that it’d be greatly appreciated. Also more of a personal thing, capes aren’t visible when the packs are used either.

  60. Konstantin40k says:

    Hey author. Do you keep working on the pack? Your animations are cool and I’m waiting for updates with improvements. Thank you

  61. Guest-7613576873 says:

    the addon is really good and please add more animation like attack and change the sneak animation thank you 🙂

  62. Guest-6809139415 says:

    can you make the sword swing or new animation for attacking

  63. Guest-7360147817 says:

    Hey, can you delete skin Steve? I want to use my own skin, and can you add a real sword attack?

  64. fukimuki says:

    would you like add sword attack

  65. Guest-5002553413 says:

    Bruh, will the next update take long to arrive?
    Also try to make it work on the 1.16.0 update of Minecraft Bedrock And you should add an animation for the sword attack , mining, punching something (or someone) and placing blocks for the rest it is very detailed, Good Work!

  66. Guest-4312046136 says:

    Hi I have bug in the add-on
    I can’t use my skin in the add-on can you fix it

  67. Guest-3205241387 says:

    you could fix the bug with the skin and show the hand (or just the skin)

  68. Itskurtlucas_yt says:

    Pls remove skin, i want to use my normal skin

  69. Guest-7921523570 says:


  70. Guest-6688799484 says:

    can you make the animation is support an skin pack from download but not custom.please im begging you i don’t care if you canceled the custom beacuse its not for cross platform and will swapped skin if another use the custom skin.but there an way to use it without swapped skin in minecraft.just download the skin pack and if its said zip or mcpack or open it and go to games/com mojang/skin pack and then just place it in inside skin pack folder.

  71. Guest-9762310633 says:

    Does not work on

  72. Konstantin40k says:

    Hello creator. Can I ask? What will you add in the next update?

  73. Guest-5457263978 says:

    well the 1.16 update is now out but i wonder if the next update of this addon would be improved so there would be less complaining in the comments.

    • Guest-9314257541 says:

      A great addon for moving animation though the player actions are bad (like punching animation or the sword swinging animation)try to improve on that adding more animations

  74. Guest-8152144729 says:

    How do I make the Steve skin custom skin work

  75. Guest-3209985653 says:

    can you make the custom skin supported that animation

  76. Guest-3360356552 says:

    i love this mod/animation but i have a little bit problem on how u swing the sword and axe… because it only move an inch… please make the animation better at the next update i would really appreciate it 😊😉

  77. Guest-4347282542 says:

    i love this mod/animation but i have a little bit problem on how u swing the sword and axe… because it only move an inch… please make the animation better at the next update i would really appreciate it 😊😉

  78. Guest-5338762223 says:

    Will it work when the real update comes out?

  79. Guest-5122341462 says:

    Only Steve skin can be used in this version. Custom skin will cause failure. How to use custom skin? It’s very simple. Modify the resource package of this plug-in and replace the skin with your own.

  80. Guest-4169047657 says:

    Can you make another version Except there is no easter egg and it is a resource pack?

  81. Guest-9741338537 says:

    Hey bro can you make a better jumping animation like more bends while running it looks cool 😊

  82. Guest-8311432723 says:

    what is the good error there is no animation or the game itself does not move any weapon never half this version only 0.2.7 later nor another version nor is it even if you have minecraft 1.16 and ask for something a file 0.0.1 or something like that I I had faith in the addon and it never gave me a single time, and it was in the version that I already mentioned it is not a complaint because I know that it costs to create an addon like this but I only ask that it does not ask for 0.0.1 I do not even know what it is and it would be good if I did well without it archive

  83. Guest-8447112325 says:

    Please can I have link for 0.2.7verison again please 😭😭

    New version don’t work for me

  84. Guest-7664327800 says:

    Where can I download 0.2.7verison again? New update doesn’t work 🤦‍♂️

  85. Guest-8838947623 says:

    New version doesn’t work at all. Just makes player bugged out. Change it back to Verison 0.2.7

    Also could you please fix the heads? No heads work none. (Creeper head, Dragon head). Please fix it

    • Konstantin40k says:

      Wtf What don’t you like? Use a Steve skin if there are bugs. The rest of the bugs I hope the creator will fix

  86. Guest-2606970425 says:

    Can u please make this support 1.14? Please 1.16 is bugy right now so please make it compatible in 1.14?

  87. Guest-6204726207 says:

    will you try to put the custom skin on the next update?

  88. Zach Marc says:

    Does this work with 4D skins? Or custom skins?

  89. Guest-4870065124 says:

    Please change the sneaking animation

  90. Guest-9896801953 says:

    is it compatible with custom skin? this is probably the most detailed character animation and I really wanted my minecraft character to have a better animation, if it does not, please make it do

  91. Konstantin40k says:

    Armor pants do not appear completely

  92. MrNifrit says:

    please return custom skins and change the animation sneak

  93. ItsBlueDev says:

    Hello There The Creator Of The Addon! I Was About To Make A Reviewing This Addon. But, I Found Some Things That Should Be Added On This Addon:

    1. Add A Shooting And Throwing Animations.

    2. Add A Attacking Animation.

    3. Make The Pickaxe And Axe Animation More Realistic Like Mo ‘Bends.

    4. Add A Breaking Animation And Make It More Realistic.

    5. Add A Crawling Animation.

    6. Fix Some Few More Bugs There That You Encountered. (Test Your Addon First So You Can Find The Bugs More Quickly Instead Of Dumb People Keeps Suggesting Bugs Like A Crying Kid.)

    7. Add A Placing Animations And More Cool Features! 😀

    That’s all i have to suggest and i am hoping that you will read this and all of this will be added on the next update of New Player Animation “0.2.9” Have A Great Day! I Appreciate Your Hard Work And The Addon Aswell! Keep Up The Good Work. 👍

  94. Guest-6354200745 says:

    is it gonna work in win10 edition?

  95. Guest-4796311945 says:


  96. Konstantin40k says:

    Hi creator.
    I found a problem when I swim in water with a sprint and my head is outside there is no animation, I mean the player is just stand. I hope this can be fixed.

    And why not add a shovel, bow animation and make the player hold the sword and ax constantly.


  97. Konstantin40k says:

    Omg!! Thank you so much for the addon!! That’s really cool!

  98. Guest-4890929232 says:

    Hi, Kid Sky!
    I tried this pack in the latest 1.16 beta, and I followed the instructions, after translating some parts using a website better than google translate, like renaming my custom skin “steve.png” and copying it into the textures/entity file, and overwritten the included texture, yet when I attempt to use this pack, the player’s animations are… a bit broken. For example, the arms remain at the sides, and the legs never move, and sometimes the torso and arms disconnect from the legs at the waist. Items do show in the player’s hands, however. Sometimes, like for example, sprinting, the body will bob and wiggle like the torso alone, and if the player holds a sword, it rotates in the player’s hands, but the legs still don’t move, and the arms remain at the sides stiffly. The only time either arm moves is when I tap the screen with a sword to swing the arms of the player, where the arm that holds the item go up a little, then goes back, smoothly. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something extra I have to do?

    • KID丶SKY says:

      Try again and reload in the skin Manager

      • Guest-9581558738 says:

        Hi again, I’m the same person as the OP. I tried reloading the skin i was trying to use that was the exact same texture, but it seemed not to change anything. Then, I tried to remove the cape that it had on, but it didn’t change after either. I just can’t find out what I’m doing wrong…

  99. Guest-6561373077 says:

    what’s version tô use mod in 1.16?????????????????????

  100. Guest-4886013723 says:

    bro, what an addon in mine gets bugged nothing works !!

  101. Guest-6391477981 says:

    So I tried it on 1.14 just to see what would happen……

    It’s very cursed. Don’t use it in 1.14. This pack was made for 1.16, and 1.16 alone.

    Unless youw ant to see steve rip himself in half whenever he runs.

    • Guest-3380479066 says:

      Bro, super bueno este addons eres la mera v3rga bro, a mi esta addon me encantara para mi realms, eso si, me gustaria que funcionara sin tener que canbiar la skin a steve, ya que en realms eso se vera feo, pero te quedo bien bro

  102. Konstantin40k says:

    When will the update be?

  103. FriendlyNoob says:

    Can u fix the disappear stuff or tools because when I play pvp I can’t see what weapons people hold

  104. Guest-3954011981 says:

    I hope it works when using 4d skins.
    Cuz when i use 4d skins it just turns into a mess.

  105. Guest-2682795229 says:

    make mcaddon link please

  106. Guest-7012619146 says:

    Can you give me the link for your skin in google drive/media fire?

  107. Guest-4869305808 says:


  108. Guest-3183492485 says:

    Can i get your skin sir
    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  109. Guest-2170650971 says:

    I hate to be a bother, but will the Alex Model (slim arm) be supported in your next update, or any time soon?

    I’m dying to give this add-on a shot!

  110. MajorExperiments says:

    good just make it for pc too because my zip that i bought expired

  111. Konstantin40k says:

    Hi creator, I found a bug. The underside of my hand is black, I checked my skin and played without these animations and everything is fine

  112. Guest-4412018285 says:

    Wearing A Head Doesn’t Show. Creeper head, dragon head, etc. blocks don’t show either please fix.

  113. FriendlyNoob says:

    Can you make this for MCPE 1.14(fix don’t see item on 1.14 version) because iOS player can’t update their MCPE and can’t download MCPE beta apk. Please fix

  114. Guest-6559927907 says:

    Please add more features for animation like combat animation while holding a sword, mobs animation and more 🙂

  115. Guest-2531194956 says:

    The addon is good Pls add sprinting animation while running and jumping and also add new support skin like slim arm.

  116. Guest-2398070486 says:

    emmm,the cape can’t be seen,but this is great😂😂😂😂

  117. Guest-2321130323 says:

    please make a different squat animation

  118. KID丶SKY says:

    I mentioned in the update log that the weapon cannot be displayed, so please wait patiently for the next update😶

  119. Guest-4275154044 says:

    It’s not working and I’m using the new version of Minecraft please help us

  120. Guest-1187132630 says:

    Hey creator please add 1.14

  121. Kirby420 says:

    Why is everyone commenting crying emojis?

  122. Konstantin40k says:

    Hi creator, I would like to make some suggestions and find bugs.

    Please write which you can do.

    1. I do not see my hand.

    2. I do not see objects; will it be fixed?

    3. When I swim in the water so that my head looks out and turn on the sprint, the model just stands in Water.

    4. Will there be changes in sneaking animation?

    5. I would like to see animations of tools and weapons as in the mo bends mod; (such as pickaxe animation, sword animation, ax animation, etc.). This can be done???

    6. What about making an animation like a player for zombies, skeletons and other similar mobs? (Yes, I know it will be long and hard)

    7. Is it possible to make the jump animation and fall animation different?

    Users write more your suggestions under this comment.

    Creator if you don’t like something, just write it.

    Yes, I know it’s pretty hard, but I’m sure your addon will become popular soon.

  123. Guest-4170467388 says:

    Hey creator! Pls tell me I can’t see anything in my hands how to fix this 😭

  124. Guest-3034197605 says:

    Can you please please make in available for 1.14. I really need this animations. It looks really good and I want to try it. Thank you 🙂

  125. Guest-6134536133 says:

    For the Owner:
    I don’t work can you help me? It looks so awesome.

  126. Guest-6698351874 says:

    Make a animation we’re when the player hits or punches something it will make a boxing animation (plz do it 🥺)

  127. Guest-4706719827 says:

    Can you make a cool punching animation

  128. Guest-3401441762 says:

    What is the B and R for in the downloads

  129. Konstantin40k says:

    Developer answer please. Are you going to add suggestions from comments and will there be updates with a fixed bug?

  130. Guest-3058368072 says:

    I have two questions
    1 what is your mcpe version
    2 is this work for
    Pls tell me 😭

  131. Guest-7601810156 says:

    Please make a attack with swords animation same with mo bends,,,
    And make attack with hand is a boxing animation,,,not sneaking is a boxing animation,,,make a sneaking animation is a limp animation please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  132. Guest-9964114272 says:

    I hate this addon. It could be good, but the animations are terrible. If this only works for the creators skin, please add the link for that skin.

  133. Guest-7336996515 says:

    Can you put a starting jump in water plsssss thes will be awsum like smart movieing mod

  134. KevinPlayZ287 says:


  135. Candy H. says:

    Awesome! Eventho I haven’t properly tried this add-on (I just downloaded and added to my world to test it out *It didn’t work since I was using none-beta version and was using my own skin* but I love the idea that there is even such an Incredible add-on! I wanted to thank you very much for creating this add-on as I hope it will continue to be fixed on some issues with the pack. Btw does this have the animation with the sword? (Such as a whenever the character has a sword it would be animated; Slashing animation, Running w/Sword animation & ect.)

  136. Guest-3510983421 says:

    I hope this will support 1.14 soon🙏

  137. Konstantin40k says:

    Wow, thank you very much!

    But I would like to ask if there will be updates and and bugs fix?

    And how about adding an animation of a sword strike and holding and chopping with an ax? Like java mod mo bends?

  138. Liam TDP says:

    Its a great addon the animation works fine But the only problem is its only work on steve skin not in my own skin When i change my skin and test the animation its so glitch out its broken

  139. Guest-3482512820 says:

    Thank! I have long wanted a good addon on the animation of the player in minecraft be. But can you add more animations from mo bends mod?

  140. Guest-9226423963 says:

    It’s not a texture pack,but an addon.

  141. Jermst says:

    The addon is very good, obviously it has its mistakes, I do not understand how they complain that “the feet do not work, this does not work, it does not work the other” to the point of becoming racist, YOU TRY TO MAKE AN ADDON, IT IS NOT SO EASY TO PROGRAM SOMETHING.

  142. Guest-3310311246 says:

    can u plz make it for 1.12, my mc has a lazy backside and won’t update

  143. Guest-9711934037 says:

    So can you add official version please

  144. KID丶SKY says:

    0.2.7 Is coming, it will fix some skin bugs, please wait😃

  145. Guest-4775773110 says:

    Could you fix the bottom of the hands? -_-

  146. Guest-2012111932 says:

    fix the bottom of the hands and feet pls

  147. KID丶SKY says:

    Oh, look at my memory. I forgot to mention that typing “Easter :easter_egg” in the chat would be a surprise😃

  148. Guest-1749540786 says:

    Custom skin is not supported now. If there is a problem with player animation, please reload your skin. This problem will be solved in future updates.

  149. ilyalisPVP says:

    add block hit PLSSSSSSS

  150. Kirby420 says:

    Whoever keeps suggesting be Steve, no one wants to be Steve.

  151. Guest-1675152774 says:

    Please add more animations from the “Mo bends” mod. Change the jump animation fix the armor please

  152. Guest-8333390380 says:

    Lol why are you talkin Chinese criiiiiinge

    • Guest-5777230722 says:

      He is Chinese. AND?
      You’re talking English , isn’t that a criiiiiinge???

      • Guest-9956727456 says:

        don’t be mean, the workers in China are 20 times more efficient than us English people (I have been to China, they finished some piping in a water drain system they were building from start to finish in the 10 days I was there for)

    • Guest-4828276304 says:

      he is chinese, its not cringe for him, its cringe of you to speak english, same as it is me to reply to you,

    • Eimrxn says:

      What’s wrong with Chinese? Jeez toddlers these days

      • Guest-2830009792 says:

        I know right? people think China is bad, but they are able to finish piping in a water drain system in 10 days, and my country (Australia) can’t even finish a little stretch of road in a month

  153. Guest-9656070953 says:

    Just put a skin steve if something doesn’t work. 🙄

  154. Guest-8088351095 says:

    This is a terrible addon. Im sorry, but the animations are broken and it does not work at all.

  155. Guest-8784721219 says:

    The animations don’t work lol what is this

    • Guest-9024749485 says:

      Put the skin of the steve. And you don’t have to judge like that. It’s just a beta. There will be updates in the future.

  156. Guest-3501600199 says:

    Wow, thank you very much!

    But I would like to ask if there will be updates and and bugs fix?

    And how about adding an animation of a sword strike and holding and chopping with an ax? Like java mod mo bends?

  157. Guest-9445570473 says:

    legs dont work

  158. Guest-4585397340 says:

    I mean it’s good, but you can only use one skin if you want to use that add-on and that’s the downside of this add-on, I hope you will make it that every skin will work.

  159. Guest-9270077221 says:

    This Is A Really Bad Addon Animations Are Broken

  160. Guest-4498753632 says:

    Please add suport mcpe 1.14

  161. Guest-9969474181 says:

    The item holded correctly right?

  162. What about the character creator skins? They use completely different models.

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