Published on September 07, 2016 (Updated on September 07, 2016)

New Skyblock [Survival]

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this is old...
This is a great map, and the best part is the automatic redirect link, keeps on making me allow notifications, then it spams me. So thanks for that!
Good map

but can we get an update
this map is old pls
When I try downloading it it says import level failed
I keep on falling and dying because there is no island
Maybe u have too many world..
If yes. Try deleting some of them
The sand falls everytime and only chest and one block of sand remains
To keep the sand, you have to put blocks at least one block under the sand
Guest-8089723497 May 06, 2020 at 5:15 am
that bc ur updating the sand when u step on it causing it to fall
What an idiot
Minecraft is really nice game
First I play I think this is a good map but what's this map because the sand biome is down and I was going to straight to find another bioms but I find a flat place
That's ur fault for being a noob not maps Fualt
u n word
No its not his/her fault, the sand have will fall because there are no solid block under the sand, i think you are the stupid one here
Haha well even the original skyblock has that its a design choice so your fault for not noticing that it was floating sand
i don't know why but the sand falls everytime i load the map so i have to add a sandstone in creative
Before you play go into creative and rebuild the sand island but with Strong under it so it dosent fall
You need to not place a block on the sand or break the sand and put water but make sure the water does not touch the sand and build block under your path to sand biome and place blocks under sand and torches to get the sand
You're so stupid you don't know how to make a void
Better shut up idiot this people dont have world edit what an stupid idiot!!!!
Bruh some people just don’t have worldedtit idot
And this map is created at 2016 bruh
Why I always found the flat world after a few hours of playing this map, i have reinstalled it but still not working. Help me please
This is a good map
no se jugar skyblock xd veamos que pedo
No idea why everybody likes skyblock so much. Especially when this one only has 2 islands
Because it is challenging. For example, if you misplace an important block (like ice), you may have to start all over again, you need to be extremely careful, and seeing your island growing is also satisfying. I see you aren't someone who can take on a challenge like this
I could very well take a challenge like this!
I just think there should be more islands!
You don't need more. You can even complete all the achievements with the given resources. It is a hard challenge to do that"?
There r lots more islands like in the nether or if u build up there is an end island
It is fun. You make your island grow and grow until it is like a regular world. Also, there is a nether island so you can continue your adventure.
How do you gt obsidian
it’s in the chest with sand over it