Published on August 29, 2021 (Updated on October 09, 2021)

New Swords Ores RB 1.17 V1

This add-on adds new ores and swords to your minecraft making it much more interesting and fun, explore caves and collect ores, do as you like just have fun in 1.17

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New Sword: Obsidian Perfect Sword

bug fixes and new translations added


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hi, I am a Chinese Minecraft player.
Can I repost this Addon to (That is the largest Chinese Minecraft forum)
I will mark you as the author with a link to MCPEDL.
Two questions, does it work for version 1.17.30?
and the other is whether it can be put into a realm?
2 stars only, because some ores cant be mined while in survival mode in the caves, for example is the onyx ore, either you use diamond or iron pickaxe it doesnt give you any ore. Pls fix this issue.
Where can i find onyx?
i need help i have the ingots but not the ores or weapons
simply create another world this minecraft not addon bug