Published on February 25, 2019 (Updated on April 05, 2019)

New Wayukian Texture Pack

This is a continued effort to keep the original Wayukain texture pack alive with so many new updates.  (permission given to update).

Over the past two years I have been slowly updating this pack as new releases come out. This texture pack has been re-designed for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. (Win10, Android, iPhone, etc.) 


This is definitely one of the bext 16x16 texture packs you will ever have the pleasure of using. Almost all of the textures have been replaced. This pack is 95% complete and is an amazing pack!

Forum link for updates:

Original Pack by: Wayuki

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Updated links for the zip and mcpack download files. 

Mobile app is not posting the latest version of the pack from the links... (MCPEDL please fix!!)


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I not the new one & love the old one
Can you make it bit bright? Cant see anything even in 100% brightness...had to tweak my device brightness but still its a bit dark
That's you mate. Are you using shaders? :P
Very nice It’s Very good for medieval maps or builds
Im hearing lots about broken textures in comments. Please fix them this is a nice pack. Would hate to use it with bugs
Your work is awesome this is one of a few good textures that are updated today. Their are not many out there for bedrock this is my 3rd favorite texture keep up the good work ?
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Also, there are issues with textures that have an overlay, such as the pigman and the helmets.
If you place a helmet in an item stand and pose it, the overlay effect stays in the same position. Same thing happens when the pigman turns his head... (Bedrock v1.9)
I'm not sure why the Pigmen are doing that, but I noticed it too... It must be a bug with the current version because the graphics shouldn't move the sword. I'm waiting to see if they release a fix.
Does this work for beta versions?
I have no idea what I do to break resource packs, Zombie Pigman seem to be glitched for me, as well as Vindicators... Both in common have an issue holding their weapons and they remain floating on their side, plus the Pigman whenever it looks around the texture glitches out.

Is there any way to fix this?
I have the same issue when I use Pocket Edition. When I use Windows 10 they work fine with the exact same pack. I found a couple bug reports regarding the vanilla texture Zombie Pigman and Vindicator on the Mojang bug site having the same floating weapon issue.
Another thing I noticed is that Win10 jungle leaves are transparent (finally!), but still no transparency in Pocket... I dunno what is up with the developers...
I'll do my best! Check the forum page I linked below to find out what I've updated recently. :-)
i absolutely love it, cant wait for it to be complete with retextured menus. seems inspired by dokucraft. my only grievance is how blocks become dark when youre breaking them
Now that you mention it... I'll fix that next
Updating textures takes time... but check this forum link for updates.