Published on June 20, 2024 (Updated on June 22, 2024)

Newb X Maz

Introducing Newb X Maz, a sophisticated shader pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that brings a dark and realistic atmosphere to your gameplay. Built upon the acclaimed assets of Newb Shader by Deven, this pack enhances your world with deep shadows, subtle lighting, and a rich color palette that immerses you in a new level of realism. Whether you're exploring eerie caves or marveling at starlit skies, Newb X Maz transforms your Minecraft experience with its atmospheric charm. Download today and discover Minecraft Bedrock in a whole new light!

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  • Added New Way To Download Shader From MazMC Official Website



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only Minecraft patch?
does this support 1.21 patched apk? because i heard that the shader codes are getting rewrited
Sorry, not for 1.21. I am trying to make it.