Published on April 19, 2022 (Updated on July 20, 2022)

¡NewDoors! - (V2 Animated Doors)

NewDoors is an addon that adds different doors to the game, It has all the normal doors at the moment, in future updates we will do the rest as 3x3 doors or trapdoors, the difference of the normal doors is that the ones that this addon contains are doors with animations ...

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Added 9 fence gates with animations and rotation

Added 11 trapdoors with animations and rotation


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THIS IS GREAT ADDON but theres a problem theres no custom doors besides the animated ones we want bunker doors and stuff bht 10/10 addon best
Un Addon muy pulido :)
10/10, love it
Hello love the add-on just wanted to say probably a smart idea for an update for when you click to open the door and both doors are side by side it'll open up both doors with one click instead of having the individually open up those doors that are side by side from each other
I know it might be hard to do, but It would be amazing if you could fix the textures to where if two doors are next to each other the door handles face each other, just like the regular default doors.


Sé que puede ser difícil de hacer, pero sería increíble si pudieras arreglar las texturas donde, si dos puertas están una al lado de la otra, las manijas de las puertas están una frente a la otra, al igual que las puertas predeterminadas normales.
If we also tried to fix that recently we thought we couldn't fix it but I came up with an idea to fix it, maybe in version 3 this will be solved


Si nosotros tambien tratamos de arreglar eso hace poco pensamos que no lo podiamos arreglar pero se me ocurrio una idea para arreglarlo, talvez en la version 3 ya estara solucionado esto
¡El addon está muy bueno!

Y solo como dato curioso sin malas intenciones, cuando se trata de inglés, los signos "¡" y "¿" no se usan, únicamente "!" y "?"
yo si sé, solo q el mi compañero lo subio así xd
Awsome this is the one im looking for
Thank you so much