Published on December 24, 2016 (Updated on December 24, 2016)

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So I got the pause menu add-on and it changed, but the coordinates don't show up. I've tried 3 other resource packs and none of them show the coordinates. Help, anyone?
No meu minecraft pe não pego por que minha versão e a 1.2.3 oficial.
Doesn’t seem to work with minecraft 1.2 on an iPad running IOS 11
The Have Join Pepole!!! Right Editor
Hi editor could you please fix the problem where when you wear armor the armor icons block some of the coordinates? Thanks! :)
I also like on how the 1.1 update hotbar cam be compatible woth this addon
Hi Editor, can you ask RyFol to update this add-on to 1.0.6 because at the moment when people do /title with this add-on, the text doesn't show. Thanks! ?
Can you move the coords just a bit up so that on win 10 the armor bar doesnt interfere with it PLEASE
Can you make a third person button in game when your in a world and you press the button you will be able to change from first person to third easily like in the PC
if I have the original ui of the hud screen of mcpe I can try to make such an add on. The only problem is that I don't know where u get the original ui from
U van get from the MCPE files. Opening it as a zip
What's your twitter I can get it for you!!
Does this resource pack affect FPS?
No, it shouldn't.
Hey I was playing on the win 10 ver. then when I tried importing this it said it failed the I went to the behaveir pack file and made it a zip file and that still didint work so please help me and this is the error message if you need it
Provided '/header/pack_id' element is not a valid UUID.

Provided '/header/modules/uuid' element is not a valid UUID.
Those are just warnings. You will still be able to use it.
Very useful thank you!