Published on February 10, 2022 (Updated on October 10, 2022)

Night at the Pizzeria 1.2 (Major Update!)

Night at the Pizzeria is a Roblox Experience which is a FNaF Multiplayer Minigame that i had recreated in Minecraft 3 years ago. The map is really interesting and looks like Hide & Seek minigame but fnaf themed!

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  • Added New Map! FNaF 3
  • Reworked both FNaF 1 & 2.
  • Added the Power System to FNaF 1
  • Added new Mechanic to FNaF 2 that balances the game.
  • Finished the Shop!
  • Updated the "Game Info" scoreboard on the side of your screen to change to show all mechanics necessary for the map you've selected.
  • Reworked the entire game functionality and class selecting. (choosing who's the killer/guard and players)
  • Added a Killer spawnroom! There you can choose the animatronics you own by buying them from the shop!
  • Improves the Lobby by changing a few things.
  1. The parkour layout changes upon being completed by anyone.
  2. The Spectator button is disabled.
  3. Most signs got updated to the latest information.
  • Removed the Welcome book.
  • Smashed as many bugs from the older version as possible!
  • Made gameplay smoother and less exploitable.
  • Erased all out of bounds controls for the host.

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major bug fix update might arrive in the distant future :)
i love your content and i love flood escape but i was wondering if you coud you do a dino map just a just an idea lol
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this mod was very good!